Readings for the chart of Shri Satya

Sai Baba


Date: 01-26-02


Document date: 08-07-2000

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You have Scorpio rising. This is also called "your Ascendant" or "your rising sign", and in India it is called your "lagna" pronounced "lug-na". Since the signs always proceed in a set order from the rising sign, you thus have Sagittarius in your 2nd house, Capricorn in your 3rd house, Aquarius in your 4th house, Pisces in your 5th house, Aries in your 6th house, Taurus in your 7th house, Gemini in your 8th house, Cancer in your 9th house, Leo in your 10th house, Virgo in your 11th house, and Libra in your 12th house.

Fond of occult and mysticism. 
Mercury is in 1, and Mercury is in Scorpio.

The Moon and Jupiter are sixth or eight from each other.
This shows, that you do not have a very happy relationship with Jupiter, which tends to cause you to take the wrong decisions in life. There will be times when you lose your fortune temporarily, and then regain it later. There may at the same time be some blemish on your reputation. It may seem to happen over and over like some sort of repeating tormenting situation in life. 
Moon is in 6 from Jupiter or Moon is in 8 from Jupiter.

There may be some difficulty with internal organs. Mixed temperament. You may have two mothers and few brothers. Suppression of enemies. You can undertake several jobs at one time and complete them all successfully. You are respected by the learned. Moon is under star 7-Punarvasu, and Moon is in star quarter # 1.

02-Sagittarius in the 2nd
enables you to make very ethical use of your wealth; you earn your money through considerable effort, accumulate it with patience, and spend it on righteous ends. Your behavior earns you friendship, though people may consider you a miser. Your speech, even when intended to inspire others, will fail to arouse the requisite enthusiasm because it is tinged with selfishness. 
Sagittarius is in 2.

03-Capricorn in the Third house
will produce many unexpected relationships in your life. Under this sign, you associate with crystal gazers, occultists, and religious philosophers, but you will also be found in the company of sexual wrecks, perverse individuals, and persons with mental instability. You are sharp-witted and quick in grasping the significance of any situation. Capricorn is in 3.

06-Aries occupying the Sixth house
produces egotism tinged with selfishness when the house is agitated by malefic planetary influences. Mean behavior in social relationships is not necessarily the expression of this influence, but the urge to rise higher in society often creates many enemies. You may be widely disliked, though the hostility of others is not always expressed outwardly. Aries is in 6.

08-With Gemini in the eighth house,
you are unable to control or regulate the powerful impulses of your karmic past, as a result of which you move in directions motivated by your subconscious. Your mind is often torn between several conflicting ideals. You know your motivations are selfish and narrow-minded, but you also possesses a profundity of vision which shows you the shallowness of your own life. Intellectually, you will be quite sound, and your intellect will often lead to spirituality. Gemini is in 8.

Moon in the 8th
house harms the mental composure. The past is brought to the surface. Defects in character, ailments, and adversaries appear in the forefront and you find you have to deal with these. The Moon in the 8th house indicates death in a public place, by drowning, ship wreck, road accident, public calamity. Eighth house indicates death, legacies, interest in occult science. Moon is in 8.

Physical features:
Handsome, long thighs and long face. Some identification mark on the face or on the back side of head. 

2. Character and general events: You will complete faith in God. You are religiously inclined. Initially you will have good behavior, but later on according to the circumstances you may change your behavior. Therefore, others have to be careful while approaching you. It is very difficult to know your inner thought. He is contented with little but at the same time you are hot tempered. You stick to ancient tradition and belief. You will not stand a party to any illegal activities and will try to resist others from doing so. You do not like to cause trouble to others, on the other hand you try to help the needy. You will lead a simple life.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: You can shine and get success in almost all the subjects, except in partnership business. You can attain much name and fame as a teacher or as an actor, writer, physician etc. Period up to 32 years of age may be difficult, as a result try to avoid any major business dealings until after that year. You may not be in a position to accumulate wealth but you can attain public honor.

4. Family life: You are the most obedient child of your parents. You respect your father and mother as your teachers. The combination of these factors may cause much stress.

5. Health: There will not be any serious health problems, but tend to all health problems seriously. You will have strong digestion. Moon is under star 7-Punarvasu.

When the Moon is in this placement the intellect is sharpened and the mind becomes inquisitive and is drawn to creative pursuits. If not aspected by a benevolent planet, it brings nervousness, anxiety, restlessness and a lack of focus. But the restlessness may not always be negative in that it may make you search and go deeply into something, resulting in accomplishment. Moon is in Aquarius or Moon is in Gemini or Moon is in Libra.

You are tall, handsome, full of contradictions but business-like, intellectual and possess artistic abilities, scientific pursuits, literary taste, humane, reserved, broad outlook. People born under this sign may be gifted speakers. Moon is in Gemini.

You take spiritual life seriously. 
Moon is in 8, and Moon is in Aquarius or Moon is in Gemini or Moon is in Cancer or Moon is in Libra.

Skillful mighty, weak sighted in old age, able to amuse the public, interested in music, happy in regard to friends. The Sun conjoins Venus.

The Sun in the Rising Sign symbolizes progress and good luck. Exalted, well-aspected or associated Sun develops faith and confidence, coupled with natural ambition; bestows position of trust and influence; supports moral growth. The person with the Sun in the rising sign, is tall. Have a prominent personality, be honorable, courageous. The Sun is in 1.

You will have quite a taste for combat or competition, this causes the urge to stray from the Vedic path, to lie, to be dull, to lose the spouse or have an uninspiring spouse, to be cruel. You may be course, a miser, fond of quarreling, troubled by weapons or attacks from others, fire and poisonous things, and may be unfortunate in respect of parents. The Sun is in Scorpio.

Mars in the Sixth house is considered helpful; it has a great destructive force which enables you to transcend all sorts of difficulties (it destroys the difficulties represented by the 6th house such as disease and debts). Even if you somehow, somewhere, get involved in criminal proceedings, you emerge unscathed; afflicted by physical sufferings, you may experience a sudden cure. People in general may find you tight-fisted, but you will not be encumbered by debt. Mars in the Sixth induces a great deal of physical activity; events may happen so fast and from such unexpected quarters that you may find yourself in a whirlwind, both physically and mentally.

In the process, you will develop fortitude, adaptability, and leadership. There is often a feeling of martyrdom; you may bleed physically and psychologically. Your life experiences may make you rigid and opinionated. You have powerful enemies; but they, being defeated by your strong arms, robust body and fiery looks, turn their backs on the battlefield. You are brainy and prosperous, but this placement is not favorable for the maternal uncles. You may lose wealth; but accumulate it again. Good imagination and alert; affliction to mother's family members; short-tempered; friendly to noble people; sensuous. Sexy and hungry; handsome and tall. Leadership; protector of family members; understanding with relatives; victor; enemies in plenty, generous, licentious.  Religious and keeps company with saintly people. Mars controls the tastes; therefore, by overeating you may impair your health through indiscretion, carelessness, extravagance and accidents. Surgical operations. Afflicted Mars causes inflammations or accidents to the part of the body indicated by the Sign occupied. Mars is in 6.

You are very active, idealistic, independent, original, hasty, impulsive, adventurous, dashing personality, combative, fear of fire, accidents and fevers. Mark on head. Splendorous, truthful, valorous, a leader, fond of war (competition), adventurous and bold, an army chief, head of a group, delighted, charitable, endowed with necessary supplies for endeavors, goes to many mates. Mars is in Aries.

You like to take bribes but you do not get caught. Few male children, or they have a hard time in early life. Accumulation of wealth and rearing children seem to oppose each other. Grief comes. You have to pass through hard struggle before gaining any fame. 
Mars is in 6, and Mars is in Aries or Mars is in Leo or Mars is in Sagittarius.

You or your spouse may live up to 50 years only. Death takes place in a foreign place due to illness of a minor nature. You are advised not to drive vehicles yourself and be careful while handling sharp instruments. 
Mars is under star 2-Bharani, and Mars is in star quarter # 1.

Clever in guiding the minds of others. You have a tendency to transgress moral and social laws (not necessarily a bad thing). Mercury is intelligence; Saturn is depth. This depth can be used in worldly matters, i.e. in hiding one's own thoughts and thus practicing deception. In highly intelligent and scrupulous people this depth may be used for better purpose, such as deep and profound study of philosophy and the sciences. Mercury with Saturn gives a crystallized concrete mind. Mercury conjoins Saturn.

For some reason, due to the past, your deeper thinking or intelligence, has become rather quick and reactive and you may feel somewhat argumentative and sarcastic towards others. Overall in life, your thinking puts you on a impatient or resentful course. Therefore, it behooves you to find a way of thinking that calms you down and gives you a spiritual course. Mercury is in Scorpio.

Wealthy but cunning, untruthful in speech but very garrulous, not even-tempered, clever in arts and sciences. Fond of your own country and may live there. You may have liaisons with other person's spouses, is of firm determination and long-lived. You are popular and well-known. 
Mercury conjoins Venus, and Mercury conjoins Saturn.

You are a person of profound learning and several sciences; interested in hearing other great scholars. Travels far and wide; interested in the higher branches of learning, polite, kind and conciliatory. Pilgrimage in 27th year and great gain. Eye diseases. Live by speech and writing.

Practicing the Indian medical science, if you fall sick it takes a long time to recover. Total evil influence generated by other planets in the chart ceases to be. You sparkle gloriously and are recognized by one and all. You hate evil. You are handsome, learned in fine arts, poetry and arithmetic; skilled: courteous; longevity; calm; blessed with spouse and children; adept in music; generous, patient, wealthy, austere, scrupulous, pious; noble reputation; likes simple and pure food; truthful.

If Mercury is not associated with any malefic, you are handsome, skilled, calm, sharp-witted, soft-spoken, and generous. Though old, behaves like a child. It is difficult to find Mercury alone in the Zodiac. Therefore, this planet can not give good or bad results alone. It is pliant and supple and ready to absorb the characteristics of the sign posited in and the planets aspecting or associated with it. Mercury is known as being neutral, sexless and convertible. You may take to journalism or feature writing, if Mercury is in masculine signs. 
Mercury is in 1.

You have a handsome and attractive personality. Much respected and will be a favorite of powerful people. 
Mercury conjoins Venus, and Mercury is in 1.

03-Jupiter in the Third House may make you something of a coward, yielding your wealth to your brothers and philosophizing rather than taking action or engaging in definite activities. You gain wealth but very often loses it. This Jupiter is good for fame and prosperity.

Best profession is that of teachers or lecturers. Ungrateful, not a friend of friends, untrustworthy, little gain despite good luck, base. You extend every help to your brothers, but there is no financial gain. You are hopeful, cultured, jovial, kind, considerate, religious and philosophical in every kind of transaction. Sincere, polite and rational in writing or dialogue. Understands the popular thought. Gain through education, literature, publishing, traveling, kinsmen, friends. Jupiter is in 3.

You have high aspirations, good organizational ability, intuition, gain and success through high positions in life, business and foreign business, thrifty, positive. Jupiter is in Capricorn.

You may work in a subordinate capacity, running errands for others; devoid of wealth, happiness and respect. Your actions are questionable and not commendable. 
Venus is aspected by Mars, and Venus is in Aries or Venus is in Scorpio.

Comely; lives with saints; enemy nihilist; performs noble religious rites; enjoys affluence; benefit. Efficient in amorous sport and satisfied. Long living and timid, alluring. You are wealthy, sexy, handsome, blessed with a noble, happy spouse and children, learned, impressive. This Venus wards off 300 evil yogas of other planets. Very talkative, skilled in handicrafts, gentle, polite, interest in poetics, devout. 
Venus is in 1.

Long life will be conferred. 
Saturn conjoins the lord of the 8 or Saturn is aspected by the lord of the 8.

Just, social, intuitive, independent, self-confident, good imagination, interest in science, so fortunate that you hardly need to work. Strong. Loss of brothers and wealth. Generous and co-operating with every body. Longevity. Rahu is in Gemini, and Ketu is in Sagittarius.

02-Ketu in the Second House may make you conceited, or feel depraved. There is something in your feelings which makes you careful to watch out for yourself. There are conditions which cause you to worry about finances in general. The threat of government fines looms at times. You'll have a hard time speaking before many people, or they won't accept or understand what you're trying to say. Those who support you may feel that they've gotten themselves on the wrong side of the fence. You may therefore adopt a sweet tone of voice by and by, having learned that it provokes less trouble from others, and this carefulness and control over your speech could lead to success. Ketu is in 2.

You will be a clever speaker. 
Ketu is in 2 or Jupiter is in 2.

This may be a person of thin and tall body, earning money by their own efforts, serving others, and of angry and aggressive temperament. They like to perform and show their strengths. May become an adept in music and acting. The lord of the 3 is in 1.

You are good at calculations and clear and effective dealings with facts and figures. 
Mercury conjoins the Sun, and Mercury is in a kendra or Mercury is in a trine or Mercury is in 11.

Has a handsome appearance; intelligent; eloquent; comfortable life; purity in conduct; has good stamina; patient and persevering; helpful to friends (or benefits from the cooperation of friends). 
The Sun conjoins Mercury, and the Sun conjoins Venus, and the Sun conjoins Saturn.

Enlightened, cheerful and artistic. Wealth, interest in politics, skill with crafts, interest in philosophical literature, good speaking ability, singing ability and other good qualities in general. 
Mercury conjoins Venus.

Fond of lies and is quarrelsome, but you are learned and speak well. You are courageous and a favorite of leaders. You may be wealthy, strong, loyal and full of energy and accumulative. Congenial partner. Much enmity and opposition. Ailing. 
Mercury is aspected by Mars, and Mercury is in Aries or Mercury is in Scorpio.

Fortunate, happy, invincible, physically strong, wealthy, famous and afraid of sinful deeds. Having a fortunate uncle and getting the opportunity to do service to others or service in temples. Chance to visit foreign lands also arises. The lord of the 6 is in 6.

This is an undesirable situation indicating one who suffers from weakness of health, trouble from the government or arguments with superiors, will be interested in spiritual and psychological studies. The lord of the 8 is in 1.

This person will take many trips. They will consider their spouse of utmost importance in life. They get a stable job in some business concern. They are loyal, bold. Look to the lord of the 7th being in the 1st for these things. The lord of the 7 is in 1.