Horoscope specially prepared for Sai

Baba from India


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This horoscope has been specially prepared for Sai Baba, born 6.26 Nov 23 1926 Puttaparthi India, 14n15 77e45 time zone -5.30.


Finally the truth about Baba....


How to read the interpretation

The description of the sun and moon combination below gives the basic type of person and this pen portrait holds good whatever the rest of the reading says as it fills in the details.

The rising sign is the next most important influence - this reveals how you relate to the world and your temperament.

These three factors in combination produce the basic 1,728 types of humanity from all the possible permutations of sun, moon and rising sign in the 12 signs of the zodiac.

You will find a description for each of the planets which indicates what the placement means, e.g. for mars by sign and house. Also what makes this program unique is that for every one of these descriptions the program looks at the whole horoscope to see if here are other factors affecting the description.

For example, instead of just writing out what mars in the third house means, the program adds sentences if it finds there is a significant link or links from any other planets which affects the description. The computer never misses any important links unlike humans and two years of programming went into supplying the computer with what to look out for! It is the largest database available in the world and unique to kozmik horoscopes.

These sentences are deliberately separated out with a space so you can see that extra information has been added.

In this way you find out what the ingredients produce in combination rather than just a list of them before they are combined So you get the result or the dish rather than the ingredients.

It is what makes the program so eerily accurate in its assessments as it chooses from millions of possibilities.

You are likely to find several contradictory readings and also repeated readings. The contradictions exist in life too! Repeated sentences mean the program has found several confirming factors which makes the trait particularly emphasized according to the number of repetitions. For example, four sentences repeated saying wealth flowing your way should be taken very seriously indeed as a likely outcome.


The combined influence of sun and moon

Sun in Scorpio. Moon in Cancer.

With both the sun and moon in water or emotion dominated signs, you are at harmony with yourself and your powerful emotions, but you can easily make mistakes through being led by your strong reaction to your feelings, prejudices and general easy influence of the sense sensations. You can also be easily led astray by others. With early marriage you may avoid being tossed and turned by your strong emotional life and are in any case strongly driven to form lasting attachments.

In the world at large you tend to be cut and dried, not too given to sentiment, but in your personal life you are far softer and more responsive. You could have good business ability and could do well from property or land, through either investment or inheritance. You could have psychic or occult abilities and your health is likely to be good with a healthy digestion and regard for healthy food, but this combination can produce a body which is overweight and bulky. You could be suited for the medical field as a doctor or nurse or care assistant.

There is a certain magnetism about you which creates an impression on those you deal with, and you have an intuitive feel for what makes people tick. But you do not go out to reach people, preferring that they come to you, emotionally you can be self sufficient and can become self satisfied and complacent. Your strong opinions are not governed by reason but by your highly charged emotions making it difficult for people to have a reasonable discussion with you, especially as you employ convoluted logic to try to outmaneuver your opponents, you believe in yourself and your opinions and n your gut feelings, you cannot be talked out of them.

You are highly sensitive and open to influence by the opposite sex but you soak up people to gain influence over them and then demand they meet your standards, and where you feel your feelings have not been taken into account you can become consumed with jealousy or hate and go to extremes. You are suspicious as well as sharp, very good at probing the motives of others but liable to keep your own emotional life well out of sight, this is especially so in the area of your true feelings. No one can force you to open up if you decide not to.

You are liable to become too relaxed and let things go as smugness and complacency take you over.

You are strongly influenced by your emotional drives and attracted to the sensational in life which can bring you trouble.

You are strongly influenced by your emotional drives and attracted to the sensational in life which can bring you trouble.

Sun in Scorpio.


You are able to summon up more power and intensity than any other sign of the Zodiac for the key phrase to describe you is - I desire - and you will pursue them through thick and thin since staying power is another of your assets. You are much concerned with transformation on any level, which includes sex and romance where you will pour out all your energies. In any endeavor it is important that you think through what you are seeking since you will pursue it with great intensity and determination, your willpower is ready to endure any trial seeking satisfaction so that even death or humiliation can prove insufficient deterrent. In a work situation you can create crisis situations in your mind where you feel unable to delegate and exhaust yourself.

You hate to see weakness in yourself or others though you are prepared to offer practical help to get them back on their feet where they can help themselves again.

Diplomacy is not a strong suit with you since you prefer to tell the truth or not speak at all, you are also driven to investigate the true nature of things and are good at probing

secrets which can include those of people as well as the worlds of business and science. You are highly secretive by nature even though you are exceptionally good at discovering those of other people. You have a deep affinity for the regenerative power of nature which you can channel to suit your own circumstances, the secret of your applied power.

Friends and lovers.

You are careful and choosy in your selection of mates and friends so that you are rarely disappointed in them, you start a relationship slowly and carefully and cultivate it along the way. Once you are in a close relationship you will be quite prepared to make sacrifices to preserve it. However there is a dynamic side to you, you can hardly resist a quarrel or a fight and must prove you are right, this can mean people find you tempestuous as you seek to divide and remix in your search for the right relationship ingredients.

People are attracted by this dynamism however, you have an animal like sexuality and excitement which comes across in the face you show the world as well as in bed. In romance you are intense and dynamic, there is little you will not do to satisfy both friends and lovers but you do expect the same commitment in return. Intensity is all and relationships that are shallow have no appeal for you, you expect compliments and appreciation from those around you and are quite capable of reacting violently to criticism or frustration of your behavior and desires. This moody tempestuousness needs to be controlled if you are to show more sympathy and win greater popularity from others.

Sex drive.

Your moods are unpredictable and this produces an unreliable temperament that complicates your love life although you are more suited than most to controlling your sex drive when you want to. You are tireless and determined in your pursuit of your passions and can win the affection of those who interest you through sheer doggedness. Your sex drive is always there and you are capable of keeping going long after others have fallen by the roadside but even your constitution can be weakened by over self indulgence. Your sheer energy makes you an interesting partner for you can ring all your powers into play in the sex act and be an excellent lover, with self control helping you along the way to sexual fulfillment.

Your relations can be either extremely happy or the reverse even with the same reason, for there is a part of you that is inclined to go to extremes in any relationship. When in love you are able to give utter devotion to your mate and lose the temptation to stray.

You are likely to stray on occasion to seek out sexual adventure but are well able to separate out this from your domestic life which is kept in a completely different compartment.

Moon in Cancer.

You are fond of taking life easy and are attached to your home which will be a place where you can relax and enjoy domesticity. Your surroundings and the people you meet have a strong influence over you since you are receptive by nature and take on the coloring of the environment you are in. You can be subject to mood changes and generally fall in line with the expectations of others through not wishing to resist their wishes. You are likely to do well when working under or with another and you have good powers of acting or of expressing the thoughts and feelings of others, this sensitivity can show in art and poetry as well, also mediumistic activity or psychic abilities. Water attracts you and you could deal with liquids or be fortunate in houses, land or shipping. This is a good position for fertility and can indicate a greater than normal number of children.

Venus in Sagittarius.

You have a strong sense of romance and love of the beautiful in life. Your feelings are highly susceptible to the attractions of the opposite sex but you will be involved with several people and have a tendency to be inconstant in your emotional attachments. You may marry amongst your own family circle or to someone who comes from abroad or a distant part of the country. You could benefit financially from a legacy or partnership and are likely to have several serious love affairs as well as marriage.

You want people to know where they are when in a relationship with you and seek to be honest and straightforward following the social norms. You may try to convert your partner to your own philosophy of life since it is important to you that you share common ground. You have a love of dramatic art such as flamboyant use of color and shape, and love to travel to distant places. Marriage to someone from a different country or culture can be attractive to you, since you seek mental broadening, or you may be attracted to someone who has a philosophical or studious bent.

Mars in Taurus.

You are set firm in your beliefs and are certain you can bring your plans to fruition no matter what the opposition.

If Mars is afflicted by other aspects in your chart then you could be liable to sudden outbursts of irritability and anger

You are capable of earning a lot but it may not stay long as you are equally able to spend it either through wish or necessity.

You must guard against loss of property or money at some time in your life which could reduce your circumstances for a period. You may receive a legacy but most of the time you will work hard. In marriage there may be troubles which could involve some kind of scandal or upset.

There are indications in your chart that you are liable to outbursts of irritability, anger and frustration that can turn to violence if you do not get your way.

Mercury in Sagittarius.

You are likely to take many journeys and have a questing mind capable of learning much from education especially in the realms of philosophy, religion, science although the mental abilities are not likely to be given full rein till past youth when the rebellious free expression tendencies are likely to be less in predominance. There is a need to say what you think regardless of fear or favor, a love of truth and of the beautiful in nature, as well as change and travel. You could write about philosophy or science, perhaps in pamphlet form, for you are an eager propagandist for your causes. You like the more recondite subjects and are capable of mastering them, especially when working with another. You like walking, riding and all travel but could become ill while travelling, or you could travel to seek health cures. Health foods and medicines will interest you as well as healthy diets. You could experience troubles through brothers or sisters or close family, writing and education, as well as on short journeys.

Jupiter in Aquarius.

You may experience uncommon or unusual psychic experiences or hold mystical views. You are inclined to curious beliefs and superstitions.

You will have good and sincere friends, and get great pleasure from them. Your intuition and mind are well developed and refined so that you will benefit from involvement with progressive bodies and associations. These could be in the philosophic, philanthropic, artistic, poetic, musical or scientific areas of life. Good fortune comes through these associations, yet your idealism may strike some as an indifference to everyday life. You are cheerful and well meaning by nature, with a strong dislike of strife and disharmony.

Saturn in Scorpio.

Your sheer tenacity and persistence in the face of great odds is your chief strength which can also turn into a weakness when you allow desires for revenge or an unwillingness to let anything be passed over without comment into your emotional make up. Your temper is likely to be volcanic and can drag you into lengthy disputes where you let your swirling emotions take you over.

Your energy and determination can help you to achieve in the intellectual arena as well as in business where you will be alive to the undercurrents of a situation and well able to follow the twists and turns of any deal or proposition. You could be drawn to secret or scandalous love affairs. You may be involved with the estates or goods of the dead at some time. There is the risk of infection from poisons or operations or viruses and in some cases this position indicates a death of a public nature, or in a public place. You will gain benefits from joining secret or occult societies, or studies in this area. You have a drive to explore anything hidden or out of sight.

You could find yourself drawn into shady areas or mixing with criminal types and there is risk of a downfall or notoriety in this connection.

Uranus in Pisces.

You are drawn towards mysticism and religious feeling, you will remember your vivid dreams and take an interest in all hidden and unexplained phenomena. You like nothing more than a mystery and may well have clairvoyant abilities or simply an acute sense of surroundings and people. You need to cultivate optimism or you will tend to see the downside too much. You could have healing abilities. You like to mix with strange and mysterious individuals.

Neptune in Leo.

You are drawn to express your boisterous emotions in outdoor sports, playing with children, attending the theatre and opera and socializing. You could find your love life goes through a period where some deception or disappointment is involved but you will get a great deal of pleasure from your children and the fine arts, as well as activities like swimming and open air sports in a social setting.

You could go overboard in the pursuit of pleasure, especially in the areas of strange romances, over indulgence in smoking, drinking, drugs or food, squandering money and depleting your energies. You have difficulty controlling your physical desires and will encounter some out of the way experiences to do with sex and physical attractions where you lose yourself in sheer indulgence.

Pluto in Cancer.

The last generation affected by this position were born in the period between 1914 and 1939. It marked a time when pride in home and country saw its expression in the development of new ideologies which viewed the state as the final expression of identity.

At the same time there was great progress in farming and control of waterways through dams, plus the use of fertilizers to feed growing populations. In personal lives it saw the influence of ideology over the sense of self and family with security protected by the state and its representatives.

Chiron in Aries.

The last group to be born in this sign were those from 1968-77, and previously from 1918-26. Both periods of rapid social change. There is a search for identity within which means you are never truly settled and at ease until you have established who you are, and what is your purpose. Chiron represents the means by which we transcend the material world ruled by Saturn and venture out into the esoteric worlds beyond Uranus. You are a pioneer in attitude, eager to take action and remove barriers, once you learn discipline you are capable of achievement in your chosen area of operation, you will not settle for anything less than the full exploration of your being and its potential, you can show the way to others to make the most of their abilities. You are only really happy when taking action, and the house position of Chiron shows what area of life this action is best taken in. This is described in the Planets in the Houses section later in this reading.


The influence of the planets in the houses

Here you can see what particular emphasis is brought to different areas of your life by there being a planet in a house. These influences are very related to your time of birth and therefore unique to you unlike some of the more general influences listed previously.


Size of your family.

The size of a family is dependent on the two partners and while your horoscope may indicate no children this can be changed if your partner has indicators of several children.

One of the indicators is the position of the moon.

In your chart the position of the moon indicates that you are likely to have an average to large family.


Marriage and love affairs

Marriage is ruled by the seventh house, and any planets in this house. You will find these planets listed below where there are any, otherwise the star sign is the main influence.

Your emotions and passions are expressed according to the nature of the star sign on the cusp of your Fifth House.

This house also rules children, money speculation, sports and entertainment, the public stage in any form and love affairs.

If there are planets in the Fifth House they are listed below, otherwise the star sign is the main influence.


Marriage and partners.

The star sign influencing your Seventh House of marriage is Taurus - you are attracted to people who have wealth and can bring something to the partnership. You like the good things of life, from good food and wine to possession of luxuries, but you are also happy to spend money on your partner especially if it helps them to look good which is important to you.

You will have lots of ideas about how the family finances can be improved. In lovemaking you are very interested in the effect you are having on your partner and may like to have some light to observe your progress, sex can be a game for you and you love the preliminaries because of this.

The star sign influencing your Fifth House of expression is Aries - you will act on impulse as often as not and form your mental conclusions out of sensory information and experiences. You are passionate and aggressive in romance and expend much effort in creative activity. With children you are dominating but you can also be generous.

Chiron in fifth house

Underlying much of your behavior is a search to release your creative playful energies, you will be sure from an early age that experience of life first hand is the great teacher and also that sexual experience will open your eyes to the workings of the life force. This can make for a complicated sexual life as you seek out diversity of expression and to become aware of your sexual energies, of your desire to find the ideal playmate, there is joy seeking to be released but it can only actually be liberated when you learn to express your creativity,sexual maturity and love of life on a conscious as opposed to a compulsive level, once you learn to express this power as a gift you can enlighten both yourself and your partner about the joys of self expression and love, the greatest healer of all.


Your career, success and honour.

The sign on your tenth house and the planets in this house indicate your likely success in life and how this may be achieved. The star sign influencing your career is Virgo - you are very fussy about your public image and may strike your fellow workers as rather cold, aloof and hyper critical. You will be well organized, methodical, circumspect and efficient in what you do.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

This position gives Neptune great power over your career.

Intuition plays a large part in your choice of career which is likely to be out of the ordinary if not downright unusual or extraordinary. Inspiration is indicated, for music or art, or in the scientific area. Counseling and healing is another area to which you could be drawn thanks to your powers of empathy with others. Other alternatives are work behind the scenes or in secret. You may win honors for your work where high achievement matches your inspired groundwork in your chosen field of endeavor. There is sometimes an element of self sacrifice in your work where you are an unsung hero or ministering angel.

You may be drawn to working with a spiritual group or association, also voluntary work in the humanitarian area.

You need to be on your guard against scandal which can seriously injure your career reputation and prospects.

You bitterly resent any criticism and are easily swayed by moods of dissatisfaction at work.

The Midheaven, or cusp of the tenth house, reveals through any planets placed there or making significant aspects to it what success and honors and recognition you may achieve.

The most powerful position, the conjunction has already been listed if applicable, below are any other aspects found in your chart.

Mars trine Midheaven.

You are ambitious, energetic and hard working in your chosen career so that you are likely to win a rise in prominence or recognition from your peers. You gain the support of powerful people and your success enables you to create a good situation for yourself and the family members.

Sun square Midheaven.

You may well have an ambition for power and success but there are likely to be periods when you experience opposition and conflict connected to those in authority, your superiors or government - or your parents will create obstacles to your ambitions. Domestic problems may hinder your career, or your career problems will impact on home life. You may have to sacrifice personal self expression in order to fit in and win approval.

Mercury square Midheaven.

You find it difficult to communicate with employers, family, landlord and authority in general which makes success on the job more difficult especially if your work is connected with writing or research or communications.

Venus square Midheaven.

You may have had problems getting on with your parents emotionally and will be likely to experience similar problems at home and at work where you could come to think of your job and your home as uninspiring and a burden in some way. Your responsibilities could prevent you enjoying yourself socially and indulging in uplifting experiences, your taste may also be suspect.

Saturn square Midheaven.

You will find that the heavy obligations you incur at work or at home interfere with your own emotional happiness so that your marriage will not be a situation where you can practice much self expression. Your parents may have been very demanding and given you a severe outlook on your duties in life. You could have to work very hard to support your family who could be a burden while authority in the shape of bureaucrats or employers or landlords could create further obstacles for you.

Pluto square Midheaven.

Your strong desire to create change can bring you into conflict with authority, parents, employers and family.

Your dissatisfaction may stem from thinking you know better ways of handling a job or situation but if taken to extremes your reforming drives can bring you into open conflict with the powers that be. If you do win power, your autocratic tendencies are likely to come to the fore.


Your temperament and outlook on the world.

This is determined by your Rising Sign which is Scorpio - you have the ability to call on hidden sources of power to achieve your ends. In some people this can be misused to fulfil animal passions but there is the possibility of developing a mystical awareness and intelligence thanks to the penetrating power of Scorpio, you have the willpower to force yourself to accomplishment, and have a very fixed emotional intensity about you even though you appear reserved, secretive and proud. Your life can either rise to the heights or be marred by tragedy, there are unlikely to be half measures.

You can be self controlled and dignified but there is the risk of jealousy and treachery if you give in to your very strong emotional drives.

Sun conjunct Ascendant.

This placement gives it particular power in your chart.

Sun in First House.

You have an authority and power about you which impresses others, and with your strong moral nature, quick perceptions, pride and frankness you will have faith and confidence in your ability to rise in life. The recuperative powers are strong and you have a strong constitution combined with vitality. There is a danger of pride turning to arrogance, but your upright carriage carries an air of dignity so that you unfailingly impress others when you meet them. General success and honor are strong possibilities for you, you gain the respect of superiors and advancement is probable.

You are diplomatic and determined, unbending in your dignity and are liable to become contentious.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant

This placement gives it particular power in your chart.

Mercury in First House.

You have a quick comprehension, imagination and an inquiring mind. You are fond of books, speaking and writing and are quick in thought, action and speech. There are powers of logic and you can make a good student being both studious and perceptive but sometimes a restlessness and anxiousness is present which may result in frequent changes or journeys.

You have an inquiring outlook on life and miss little around you, you have an intense desire to express yourself verbally and this can result in much writing. You are intellectually competitive and can make much of your innate ability to express yourself with a high degree of intelligence. Mental willpower is likely to be present.

You have philosophical and religious inclinations.

You are suited for dealing with the public in your work You are talkative, aspiring, ambitious and inspirational.

Much passion is brought to your enthusiasms.

You have philosophical and religious inclinations.

You are suited for dealing with the public in your work

You are well suited to holding responsible positions, in business in particular.

Venus conjunct Ascendant.

This placement gives Venus particular power in your chart.

Venus in First House.

This is a favorable placement for Venus in your chart.

You will enjoy some good fortune in life. Your manner will be gracious and pleasing and attract the opposite sex. A happy childhood leads to a positive outlook on life with an outgoing approach where friendships and romance are actively sought out. You are generous, reliable and trustworthy. You appreciate art, have a love of beauty and a penchant for the theatre, drama, music or plain pleasurable activities. You like beautiful clothes and artifacts and can naturally mix business with pleasure, you are likely to meet your mate in a social setting and love to make others happy.

You are likely to be suave, charming and handsome Venus in First House in Sagittarius.

You have a fascinating nature, two sided, also you can indulge in dual love affairs. You are sincere and impressionable in love.

Saturn conjunct Ascendant.

This place gives Saturn a powerful effect on your chart.

You are able to plan and act methodically so that you rarely enter into any project unprepared. You are ready to work long and hard to achieve honor and recognition, as long as it takes is your philosophy. You have ample persistence and practical ability to add to your steadiness. You have respect for economy, diligence and careful attention to affairs.

Part of your attitude may stem from a restricted childhood where you learnt to mistrust others and decided you must protect your own interests. This attitude is likely to persist so that you find it hard to let your guard down with people and become more outgoing although you can make a loyal friend ready to offer practical help where it is needed.

Saturn in First House in Scorpio.

You are both proud and resentful. You can show contempt and are inclined to avarice. Jealousy is also there.

You may have experienced physical hardship or suffering in your life which has caused you to be suspicious of others and build a protective shell around yourself. In some cases this placement indicates physical handicap or disability.

You may be subject to periods of gloom and deprivation.

You may have experienced physical hardship or suffering in your life which has caused you to be suspicious of others and build a protective shell around yourself. In some cases this placement indicates physical handicap or disability.

You may be subject to periods of gloom and deprivation.

Uranus trine Ascendant.

You are prone to get into relationships in strange unusual ways and are likely to be tall or striking. You are original, bright, distinctive and intuitive with great insight which can be expressed dramatically and enthusiastically helping you to gain the co-operation and support of others.

This link often now means you have an aptitude for computers or or software.

Neptune square Ascendant.

You will get confused over relationships and your place in the world through an inability to tune into others since you stay in your own dreamworld. You can deceive or be deceived in relationships and have a streak of unreliability in you, since you are very preoccupied with yourself.

Pluto square Ascendant.

You are prone to try dominating others which can produce a similar response from them, you can get involved in battles of will, law suits, divorce proceedings and general disharmony through this tendency. Your aggressive personal behavior can also result in anti-social tendencies and a stormy marriage.


Money and possessions.

The second house of the horoscope shows your attitude and abilities regarding money and possessions. Any planets in the second house are listed, otherwise the planet ruling the star sign will influence your finances.

The star sign influencing your financial affairs is Sagittarius - you are likely to be lucky in the financial area and can make money multiply, you use money to increase your range of activities and make sure there is enough to finance your aims. You may have your own theories about money and believe in supporting charities or institutions concerned with enlightenment and education.

Ruling planet is Jupiter.

Worldly success.

The part of fortune indicates which area of your life is likely to bring you success and a sense of well being.

In your horoscope this is found in the area connected to your sense of your own powers and abilities, sex can be a revelation for you as it opens up new worlds of experience and potency.

These events are likely to affect your reputation, family circle or children and cause you emotional unrest or excitement.

Fortune conjunct node

You will come before the public in some unexpected and unusual way which is likely to win you popularity and at least passing fame.

Moon conjunct Fortune.

Good luck will bring you before the public in some way and there could be a female connection to the interest. There is the possibility of sudden but passing fame.

Pluto conjunct Fortune.

Fortuitous developments can shake you to the very depths of your being so that you are transformed and never quite the same person again, you take on a whole new lease of life.

Neptune square Fortune.

You could find yourself drawn into unhealthy dependence on drink or drugs and mix with people who drag you down with them causing you to lose your bearings and values.

Mercury trine Fortune.

Good luck will bring openings or outlets for your thoughts and writing so that you can change the opinions of others.

Saturn square Fortune.

You are likely to experience disappointment, loss and restriction in the area of life mentioned above at some time.


Your hidden talents, fears and secrets.

The twelfth house of the horoscope indicates all that is hidden from view, the mysterious and unfathomable in life and rules everything from inspiration to confinement. It can indicate where you are not exploiting your talents and likely problems in life. The star sign ruling this house is Scorpio - your great strength is your resourcefulness, you can spot value and talent which is not apparent to others but an inclination to secret affairs and resentments may prove your undoing. Your great challenge is deciding what you want and then going after it. You need specific goals and targets to aim for, and to keep information about your shortcomings to yourself, not everyone can be trusted with confidential information.

Saturn in Twelfth House.

You are likely to work in seclusion which will suit you, or you will enjoy time spent by yourself. Alternatively you may work for a large institution such as a hospital or government agency where you are not in the public eye. You love working in secrecy and are reserved by nature, there is also an acquisitive streak in you but recognition is hard to come by. Your best outlet is to work for the benefit of others, particularly their mental well being so that you can lose your yourself in practical constructive work. You are likely to create secret enemies although your downfall if it comes will be at your own hands rather than largely imaginary external enemies.

You may be plunged into sorrow through the death of loved ones and there is a tendency to despondency and melancholia which needs to be combated through practical work for others.

You may be able to build up secret hoard of money which will give you great satisfaction.

You may be able to build up secret hoard of money which will give you great satisfaction.


Travel, philosophy and higher education.

The ninth house of your chart gives information about your interest in the development of your mind, with an emphasis on the philosophical, religious and likely future lines of development. It also indicates the likelihood of travel where this is used to improve and broaden your approach to life.

The sign ruling this house in your chart is Cancer - you like to travel by sea and have much foresight and psychic perception. In the area of religion and philosophy you will cling to what you were raised to believe in your family since it has great emotional attachment for you.

Neptune in Ninth House.

You could be a psychic person much influenced by strange phenomena to which your mind is open and the more mystical side of religion which will appeal to you. You could be drawn to advanced philosophical systems such as yoga, and there can be spiritual and prophetic vision but you need to guard against fanatical adherence to cults or religious leaders. You are easily influenced by people as well as by strange dreams or imaginings giving a rather weird and uncanny cast to your mind so that you are rather impractical in the day to day world and neglect to get proper training for a job. The influence for good of this position tends to come in only after other negative traits in life have been worked through when the psychic abilities can develop and blossom. Trouble with in-laws will probably occur.


Work relationships and health.

The star sign influencing your Sixth House of work and health shows how you will get along with co-workers and the physical state of your health. If there are no planets shown in this house, it is unlikely to greatly affect you.

The star sign influencing your sixth house is Taurus - you only give yourself up to work when you can see financial rewards from it, although you enjoy artistic and aesthetic projects. Your health is generally robust.

Mars in Sixth House.

You bring a lot of energy to your work and may find your wellbeing and happiness through it. You have no time for laziness on the job and can be something of a perfectionist. You need to be on your guard against co-workers exploiting your eagerness to contribute to the success of the company. You may do best as your own boss and are likely to enjoy robust health if there are no notes added below.

Your health can suffer through carelessness and indiscrete actions and you should guard against inflammatory diseases.

Many people with this placement work with heavy machinery or sharp instruments or steel in some other form. Also there is a connection with tools for the food trade. Some surgeons have this placement.

Inflammatory illness or an accident could leave you with a scar in your neck and throat area


Friendship, hopes and wishes.

The eleventh house in your chart gives information about your friends and acquaintances, your hopes, wishes, aspirations and the kind of people you will mix with in life. If there are no planets listed in the eleventh house then the star sign influencing the eleventh house will color your acquaintanceships. This is Libra - you like to surround yourself with artistic, attractive, unusual and gifted people who are stable and prosperous. You may well marry a friend, a friend of a partner or someone you meet through mutual interests at, for example, a club.


Your mental expression, neighborhood activity and communications.

This area of your life is ruled by the third house and the sign influencing the mind, communications, short journeys and local activity is Capricorn - you use words economically and to the point so that people can be stung by them, you are subtle and can penetrate to the key essence of your subject for you are likely to reflect on what you say before speaking since you do not write or say more than is necessary. You can be subtle, crafty and cunning and may have a reputation for being secretive.

Your mode of thinking is likely to make you ambitious, changeable, aspiring and very enterprising.

Jupiter in Third House.

Your mind is naturally confident, benevolent, philosophic, thoughtful considerate and sympathetic. You are by nature cheerful with above average mental abilities. You will be drawn to areas where you can expand your mental interests through philosophy, travel, publishing, religion, communications, education and keeping in touch with mass beliefs and concerns. You are fond of travel and much time is spent on journeys with the prospect of financial success on them, travelling will prove an enjoyable fruitful time for you. You will gain through relatives. You should also benefit through publishing, literature and education.

You will do well at mental pursuits.

Your mental abilities are good to excellent and you will greatly benefit from higher studies, travel and all that widens the mind.


Your early life and later years.

The fourth house of your chart relates to your background, family, early years, present home and also the later years. The star sign influencing this house and its affairs is Pisces - you see home as a place of security and retreat where you can relax and calm yourself, perhaps as a spiritual haven. You may find lodgings in ashrams, universities, rectories or other communal quarters but you primarily seek privacy in your own room or house.

Uranus in Fourth House.

You seek to come and go in your home life and probably come from an unusual background where one of your parents may have been talented or gifted or exceptional in some way.

You like to hold group activities at home and your home is likely to have all the latest electronic gadgets.

The house may be architecturally unusual as well. Sudden changes of residence and fortune are indicated and in  some cases you never find a place you can call home, being restless by nature. You experience many ups and downs and may be poor on some occasions due to sudden unexpected blows from fate. Unusual circumstances occur around the end of your life in the domestic situation if not before. You may not have much of a link with your parents or do not get on with them or family members.

Close friends are turned into honorary family.

You could be attracted to a very free or liberal lifestyle.

There is the risk of loss from fraud, deception or natural disaster around your home base. Take out insurance for all eventualities.


Shared resources, the mysteries of life and death.

The eighth house controls shared resources, corporate money, insurance, taxes, wills and financial liabilities. It also indicates the nature of death and of other worldly experiences, in this existence and others, and the nature of the sex drive.

The sign ruling your eighth house of transforming experiences is Gemini - you are fascinated by the mysteries of life and death and often think about this aspect of existence; spiritualism and contact with the dead will seize your imagination.

Moon in Eighth House.

You have strong sexual desires and are generally given to intense emotional reactions, partly because you are psychically sensitive.

You are much concerned with how your family members feel and may be interested in spiritualism as a way of contacting the departed.

You could gain from business partners or from your mother or her side of the family.

Your financial position is much affected by your marriage, for good or bad, and you will be concerned with insurance, inheritances and taxes to do with property. Your death may take place in public and be connected to an accident. There is some small risk of drowning.

Every seventh year will see a critical period in your affairs as things come to a head. There is the possibility of inheritances from women.

You could have psychic or mediumistic abilities, or have vividly clear dreams which you can use in a practical way.

Your wife may die fairly early.

There is a good possibility of you receiving inheritances or gains through women or your mother or her side of the family.

You could be subject to a long illness which may prove fatal and will in any case be persistent and difficult to cure.

You will be tempted to indulge in sensual desires and intemperate living through your pronounced sensuality which you find hard to control.

Your health could be undermined through debauchery and loose living with a fascination for pornography and depraved sexual practices.

Pluto in Eighth House.

You have a sense of the indestructibility of the spirit and could be interested in reincarnation, astral travel, karma, yoga, meditation, tantric systems of renewal. You can overcome evil influences in your life through your positive spiritual practices.

You have a powerful will and clairvoyant ability is likely as well.

You see life in terms of all or nothing, it is a struggle and battle in your view, and you take a serious attitude to it. You are drawn to life or death situations where you can go through drastic changes of view or moral outlook. Your awareness of the spirit helps you to face death with some equanimity.

You have great powers of resilience and resource in a crisis so that you are unlikely to panic or take flight. You tend to make your plans in secret and only unveil them when they they are ready to be put into effect.

You are likely to get into problems with taxes, insurances, shared finances, inheritances. You can be tempted to use improper means of obtaining what you want. You may try to exploit unseen forces or manipulation for your own selfish benefit.

You are likely to get into problems with taxes, insurances, shared finances, inheritances. You can be tempted to use improper means of obtaining what you want. You may try to exploit unseen forces or manipulation for your own selfish benefit.

You have great powers of resilience and resource in a crisis so that you are unlikely to panic or take flight. You tend to make your plans in secret and only unveil them when they are ready to be put into effect.

Node in Eighth House.

You are likely to feel that the mysteries of life and death hold no terrors for you, intuition and uncanny occurrences in your life will suggest to you that the soul lives on and that there is both purpose and continuity to existence. You will experience problems, delays and frustration in holding on to your money and possessions however. You need to increase your planning and consistency of effort if you are to achieve material security.


The aspects of the planets in your chart

This section shows how the planets in your chart link up and the energies that these links produce. The energies will be particularly active in the houses in which the planets are found which you can find in the preceding section.

The 12 houses represent the 12 main areas of life experiences.

As with all the horoscope you should look out for patterns and repeated themes, as well as repeated traits, the more repetitions, the more influential the trait is likely to be.

Technical note.

What makes kozmik horoscopes unique is that the program is written to take account of how other aspects affect each part of the reading. Short sentences added at the end of paragraphs indicate how there is an influence from another aspect on the one you are reading, and you get a reading for the effect of the aspects combined, rather like a cooking recipe describing what the ingredients produce, this ability to look at the whole horoscope and interpret the effects is what makes kozmik horoscopes unlike any other computer interpretation program I know in the world.

The program is selecting from a vast store of possibilities it has taken over two years to enter into the database for every prediction it makes, which is why no two readings are ever the same.

Moon biquintile Mercury

You have plenty of common sense, there is a fundamental saneness to your mind which gives you the power to absorb knowledge easily and readily. You are inquisitive, eager, intelligent, a good student and conversationalist who is always there with an apt witty expression. You are eminently logical and reasonable, there is the adaptability necessary for success in business, especially in sales. Your speaking voice can be used in your career and there is writing ability as well as talking ability. You can sell yourself or a product well, so that you can survive on your cleverness rather than hard work. You have a deft manual aptitude as well as verbal fluency. Your memory is good and your attitude to diet and health constructive.

Moon biquintile Jupiter

You are one of the aristocrats of nature and probably well connected on the maternal side of the family, including some financial help from legacies or gifts. You are optimistic, cheerful, tactful, full of bonhomie and have a humanitarian outlook. You have probably never had to be very careful with money since you take its presence for granted, but you have the knack of finding good sources of income through friends.

Your character is your destiny and you have a keen sense of right and wrong. Your thinking runs along conventional lines and you are a believer in the status quo even though you feel you should help your fellow man. There is something devotional in your make up which promotes your sense of duty to men.

You will either inherit wealth or create it from your own business ability.

Saturn square Neptune.

A sense of your own worth and power boosts your self confidence but stops you putting your plans into action so that unless this aspect is combined with more aggressive ones it will not allow you to translate your high opinions into corresponding results.

You are given to morbid imaginings which can lead to fears and phobias as well as experimentation with psychedelic drugs and a general sense of confusion about your career with the wish to be free of responsibilities. You are capable of cunning and using dubious methods to get what you want but may attract secret enemies or get involved in scandal or intrigues. Beware of developing a martyr complex leading to isolation and intensification of your latent morbidity. There can be a lack of lack of control where drinks, drugs and sex are concerned so that there is a risk of scandalizing people. Relationships with older people and establishment figures are likely to be complicated.

Moon sesquadrate Saturn

A powerful aspect which gives ambition and the ability to achieve those aims. In youth a tendency to the doldrums, later greater self-control, so that you learn from experience and avoid wasted investment of energy. You were highly influenced by one or both parents which has given you the drive to succeed though one of your parents may die early or you be separated from them in some way. There can be attacks on your good name and there is the risk of a fall from position at some time. In marriage your complexity of mind may cause problems for your partner even though your partner is likely to be very dependable.

Your childhood experiences, especially with your mother, may have left you inhibited and reluctant to adopt a positive view on life since you lack in confidence. You need to forget the past and live more in the present and future building on your highly developed self awareness.

You could be awkward with women and have difficulties with them through this shyness.

Moon semi square Neptune

Unrealistic thinking and daydreaming are likely to creep into your way of life, for you prefer generalizations to the concrete, and find it difficult to keep your focus on day to day reality. This does give a dreamy, elusive charm to your personality, but your tendency to childlike naivete will make you impractical until you learn to firmly anchor yourself in the here and now.

You could go in for emotional self indulgence which manifests in drink or drug abuse. You may have psychic tendencies but these are likely to be colored by distorted views. In extreme cases this can lead to delusions and psychoses. You may inherit wealth but there is the risk of you losing all drive to action in life so that you become dependent emotionally or physically on others.

Your tendency to self deception can leave you open to deception from others with fraud, theft or slander being the result.

Sun conjunct Mercury.

Your mental thinking is fundamentally healthy and this aspect gives a good deal of protection against the damages of stress so that you will emerge unscathed from the most trying of situations. Your views are fixed rather than wavering, and you will show a lot of perseverance in your mental endeavors. The mind can help the body to heal, new ideas are very closely examined before being accepted, continuity is highly valued. The mental facilities are likely to continue undimmed into old age.

Even though you can be prone to nerves your mental constitution is basically sound.

Sun conjunct Venus.

You are popular, magnetic even, with an aura of optimism about you which gives you a curious glamour. You love nice things, like socializing and have exquisite taste. You get along very well with children and may do well in speculation. There could be much appreciation for and interest in the arts, financial help and legacies from the parents are possible, you are highly likely to get married. You have a fondness for luxury and taking your ease.

Your keen appeal for women marks you out as the Romeo, since you are ardent, loyal and devoted to them. Your idealism shows and attracts admirers.

Sun conjunct Saturn.

Your dislike of competition and love of independence makes you something of an outsider, with a feeling of inferiority making you reluctant to challenge the world. You are intense but tire easily, so you need to take things steadily to succeed. You probably encountered early restrictions or responsibilities and these have left their mark in your outlook on life. You should seek to expose yourself to the world, otherwise you are likely to become over wrapped-up in yourself to your detriment.

You may be thwarted in your schemes through a certain indifference to the feelings of others and an autocratic streak.

There is likely to be an age difference between you and your partner.

You can develop your excellent intellectual powers to succeed in business since you have a magnetism about you when it is directed outwards rather than inwards.

Sun trine Uranus.

Your ability to see things in the large makes you good at both projects and gaining knowledge. You have a progressive original mind and can push things through with dash and flair. An aspect indicating a long life, good vitality and a strong heredity.

Your originality is practical rather than bizarre, and you are naturally an expansive person. With other executive indications you have the ability to get large independent ventures off the ground, with other success indicators they will prosper.

Your flashes of intuition should be listened to. Scientific or occult subjects like astrology will appeal to you. You have a sense of the underlying unity and linkedness of life.

You have much independence of character and self reliance.

Mercury quintile Jupiter

You had a good education and are proud of your trained mind, you like to impress people with your knowledge for you are very sure of yourself. You have a tendency to put a gloss on information you give out, and philosophize when given the chance. You are given to judging people and your ability to see things in the round makes you suited for business or the academic world, though in business a tendency to see generalities rather than particulars means you should keep your feet on the ground. There is a leaning in your nature towards the philosophic rather than the practical.

You are attracted to travel and like to keep in touch with what is happening in the world at large. You could have a large home library and use your home for scholarly pursuits as well as a entertainment place for friends. You have strong powers of positive thinking. You are generally able to set your sights on something and achieve it, this ability to steer yourself could well show up in driving or sailing abilities too. You tend to be both conscientious, honest, fair minded and to have good judgment as long as you do not let your sense of toleration dissolve into indifference to moral issues.

Venus conjunct Saturn.

You are complex and sensitive emotionally, prone to depression, which stems from lack of attention from a parent or both parents.

This has caused you to be suspicious towards those you love and can provoke the very treatment you are trying to avoid. You are very loyal and will keep to a relationship when it is in deep trouble. You may marry beneath yourself, and risk losing some of your wealth unless you learn early to deal with business matters very cautiously. This position can be good for business through your hard-headed attitude where you do not take too much on trust. You may marry someone who is considerably older than you and are able to benefit from the resources of the partner as well entering a new social circle where you will make good friends.

You need to avoid speculation in money matters since investments of a risky nature can go wrong, even in apparently respectable companies. The marriage is likely to occur later rather than earlier in life, probably after the age of 29, with a difference in social position between you and your partner, they are likely to come from a more prestigious background than yourself.

You could also marry for money since there is a tendency to use other people to satisfy your emotional needs. You could feel unloved and unappreciated if you let your leanings to despondency take over. You may well have musical, artistic or mathematical gifts and a sound sense of structure and harmony.

Venus trine Uranus.

You have an electric personality, sex appeal and a certain unconventionality which attracts similar birds of a feather and inclines you to fight on behalf of the disadvantaged. Your active social life brings you into contact with powerful helpful people who will assist you. Luck and a happy marriage is indicated, you may also gain financially through marriage.

Your fun loving personality attracts people who seek good fortune themselves and will result in people of importance and wealth entering your orbit. You could be involved with the electronic media if artistically inclined. There could be sudden good fortune in your life.

Sun square Neptune.

You are much given to beautiful impractical dreams, and these can can cast a spell over you. You are drawn to the sensational and the bizarre which can bring you into contact with unreliable people who will not bring out the best in you. There is a certain impractical and visionary quality in your thinking and feeling which should be restrained by the use of reason if you are to avoid being sucked into activities which are not good for you.

A desire for importance can lead you into thinking you have been been chosen for some important mission and you need to be careful of involvement with cults which exploit your tendency to believe in the bizarre. You have an escapist tendency which needs to be balanced by reason. You could get involved in strange, morbid or even degrading romance and sexual attractions, including secret love affairs, scandal and obsessional behavior. Avoid get rich quick schemes which could prove disastrous for you, there is an element within you which seeks easy money and leaves wide open to deception.

Saturn trine Uranus.

You can put into effect plans that would fail for others since you have an indefinable touch that instinctively knows how to win support, come up with constructive solutions and use your inspiration to bring about success for even eccentric ideas.

You build your plans swiftly and well. You have an instinctive understanding of subtle forces and energies and can use this to bring about strong results in either organizations or your own life through its application to yoga, science, astrology, health or any discipline that requires systematic development on a subtle level of application. This extends to an appreciation of human motivation so that you are excellent at organizing and co-ordination group endeavors. This aspect helps to prolong life especially after middle age.

Sun sesquadrate Pluto

Power is a preoccupation for you, you want to impress others but you need to look inwards to evaluate your motivations and check there is a good reason for your actions, since lurking within you are likely to be hidden resentment, making you feel the need to win to prove yourself, using dirty tricks if necessary.

If your success can be gained from your inner strength and magnetism it will benefit you more than the use of trickery.

You need to become more positive for things rather than anti them. With the opposite sex you are likely to be aggressive and domineering which can provoke resentment from them.

Moon conjunct Pluto.

You have deep intense needs which you are willing to take risks to satisfy. Your sense of security comes from what you can do for yourself rather than from tradition. Although you present a calm cool face to the world, inside there is turbulence which needs to be understood if it is to be controlled. You have a uniquely loving nature and need to find someone who can match your own intensity, early marriage may not be beneficial if you settle for the normal lifestyle rather than the person and life which will allow you full rein. Early independence from your mother is necessary for your individuality to bloom away from her over protection, then you will discover many talents.

The primal energy represented by this aspect can result in creative genius or a destructive emotional quality depending on the overall tone and outlook shown by the chart.

These powers can be used to bring about what you desire with unlimited commitment to winning your battles.

Your brusque manner may alienate women or your tendency to be overbearing. You are rather driven by your desires and have great intensity to your emotions.

Uranus inconjunct Neptune

An aspect with influence over all those born at the time which tends to bring out rebellion and rejection of the old order and a strong emphasis on pioneering thought and action where the individual thinks out their own stance. There is a touch of the visionary combined with a strong practicality and it gives the courage to live out these principles although it can also lead to lack of tact and a certain recklessness.

Mercury inconjunct Mars

You have a sharp cutting mind and tongue which you use. You are likely to jump to conclusions rather than get beneath the surface of things so that in business this lack of caution can get you in difficult situations unless you have a cautious partner. Your strength is in using your intuitive grasp and shrewdness, rather than prolonged hard thinking. A very suspicious mind makes you good as a detective since you know all the evasions from how your own mind works. However, you are liable to jump to conclusions by allowing your emotions to upset a balanced appraisal of a situation. Communications can make you angry and you tend to show a lack of tact. You need to listen and gather all the facts before coming to a conclusion while you tend to think you are infallible.

You could be subject to nervous disorders and need greater detachment. You could be subject to malicious rumors, innuendo and discreditable libels, or instigate them yourself. Your thoughts and writings can provoke opposition and there is the risk of falling out with brothers and sisters or close friends. Your nervous system may be subject to upsets such as nervous exhaustion, insomnia, headaches while operations, tools and electrical devices all hold risks for you.

If there are other negative aspects linked to this aspect your peace of mind could be subject to severe disturbance and imbalance producing mania, paranoia, delusions and thoughts of suicide in extreme cases.

Venus sesquadrate Pluto

You have learnt painfully that love carries burdens and responsibilities as much as bliss, for you seem to attract those who have a burden and find it difficult to give in a relationship. Your love life may reflect your own inner turbulence and it will be necessary for you to accept yourself as you are before you are able to attract a loving giving person.

You may marry from a feeling you need financial and emotional security and you may have secret love affairs with married people, what you really need is an intense love where you are forced to give and bring about your own transformation.

Sex and romance are likely to be colored by financial considerations, this can lead to involvement with prostitution.

Sexual passions are likely to overwhelm you and there is often a fated element in relationships.

Jupiter biquintile Pluto

You have a great belief in yourself and will drive yourself to achieve your goals, which will be the ones you set yourself rather than the ambitions of the world. Your judgment is excellent and you can help others to reach their full potential in the same way you have for yourself. You are sympathetic to others and realize that a deep understanding of the self leads to a richer life - your ultimate goal. You have a penetrating insight showing you what is wrong with a situation and with people and what needs to be done to put it right.

Saturn sesquadrate Pluto

You tend to view the world as a challenging place full of obstacles when a more positive attitude would reveal opportunities for you, you exaggerate difficulties and need to take on responsibilities as a way of reaching your goals for achievement. Learn to work more enthusiastically with people and see that everyone has obligations in life not just you. You could get involved in plots and intrigues, and your fate will in some way be tied up with public affairs. You need to guard against dictatorial tendencies.

The North Node of the Moon.

The position of this in your chart indicates where you can expect to receive unexpected good fortune thanks to previous work, it is an indicator of future development, where you will make progress in life, where you will feel at ease and happy in your situation.

Aspects from the planets will affect this karmic influence and they are listed below if there are any planetary aspects.

In your chart the node comes under the influence of the star sign Cancer - you will place great emphasis on establishing a haven for yourself and your family where you can develop your interests and talents undisturbed by the world outside.

Moon conjunct node.

You will experience good fortune through your ability to sense the tide of current events and take advantage of them. You need to beware of following current fads and fashions mindlessly. Your enthusiasm brings you good luck, popularity and you will benefit from dealing with the public and women, as well as public relations, advertising, sales, entertainment and politics. You are generous and interested in philosophy and religion. Your good fortune stems from helping others in the past.

Mars sextile Node

Your sense of timing is excellent for taking action in the world so that you have leadership ability combined with popularity for what you do. You are well able to keep up with demands of public life.

Node conjunct Fortune

You will experience good fortune in the social and public side of your life with unexpected opportunities coming your way.