Astrofocus on Sai Baba


Here the horoscope of Sai Baba from the Sunday Review of the Times of India dated 19.2.1995.
Sushil Chaturvedi is evidently not a devotee of SB.


By Sushil Chaturvedi

Courtesy:Sunday Review of "The Times of India" dated 19.2.95

Godman Shri Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh on 23rd November 1926 when the Scorpio ascendant was rising. His chart reads as follows: Ascendant - Scorpio; Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mercury - Scorpio; Ketu-Sagittarius; Jupitur-Capricorn; Mars-Aries; Moon and Rahu-Gemini.

The ascendant Scorpio is a fixed sign and its lord Mars in its own sign Aries is well placed in the 6th house, making hm strong, forceful and magnetic, besides giving him abundance of vitality.

For obtaining sidhis (attainments), one has to possess harmonious body,soul and mind. This trinity is represented by Mars (body), Sun (soul) and Moon (mind). In Sathya Sai Baba´s chart, the sun is in lagna with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Sun is an egoistic planet, with sensual planets, Venus and Saturn, combusted by it. The 9th house indicating one´s fate and previous birth is governed by Moon, which is positioned with Rahu in Gemini in the 8th house (poluting Moon) and is devoid of any benificial aspect. This reveals a man subject to constantly changing moods.

Jupiter, lord of wealth (2nd house) and education, is debilitated in Capricorn (3rd house) and is placed in the 8th house from natal Moon forming adhiyoga making him rich by collecting funds for noble causes and proclaiming himself as an avatar of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

In the chart of sages,godmen and spiritual personalities, the lagna (1st house) is important as it represents the mode of life in the present birth. The 5th house gives the hidden energy needed for enlightenment; the 9th house represents the past birth and punyas carried out in the present birth combined with rituals, worship and righteousness and the 12th house indicates detachment and renunciation, religious institutions like ashrams, monasteries, occult interest and meditation.

It is interesting to note that the above houses and their lords - Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Venus - are ideally placed to attain tantric sidhis. The debilitated Jupiter in the third house, however, reveals that Saibaba had actually gone through no training and discipline to make him fit for what might be tantamount to yogic initiations. It is said that at the age of 14 he waved his hand and produced sugar candy, flowers, shivalinga, ashes etc. The Baba claimed at that time that just a few months earlier, at Uravakonda village, when he was studying in high school, the spirit of Saibaba entered his body.

The natural atmakarka,Sun in lagna is with the inimical sensual Venus and Saturn.This gives him strong sensual instincts but, because of the debilitated Jupiter in 3rd (heart) house aspecting spouse house (7th), he tries to sublimate them. A look at Baba´s chart suggests that the Moon, lord of the previous birth, is in the 8th house eclipsed by Rahu. It does not show any greatness in his previous birth and whatever punyas he had acquired then are not of an avatar like that of lord Krishna or lord Rama. Therefore, people feel there can be an element of exaggeration in his claim to spiritual greatness.

The inimical combination of Saturn, Sun and Venus is not conducive to pure spiritual attainments, as his claims are of the perfect-master or avatar of Shirdi Saibaba. Many people compare his magic with that of professional magicians like P.C.Sarkar. Some people doubt the authenticity of waving hands in midair and producing gold chains, flowers, ashes etc. Saibaba became the talk of the town when he produced a gold chain and presented it to an architect in the presence of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, but a video camera exposed the secret hand. The Baba also came into the news as some people attempted to kill him in his ashram. The question is why should anyone kill the godman or avatar?

A look at his chart indicates that the debilitated Jupiter in the 3rd house, Moon-Rahu combination in the 8th house and the Sun-Venus-Saturn combination in lagna are not encouraging and it will not be a surprise when a section of the society puts him in the category of Chandraswami, Dhirendra Bramhachari and Acharya Rajneesh.