Does what is seen reflect the seer?




Date: 07-09-03

Document date: 06-30-03

From: Åsa Samsioe



With growing fascination I read about SSB´s devotee´s still more strained attempts to defend their guru.
Why don´t they use their own logic (and SSB´s ) when it comes to their own actions?
According to Bon Giovanni, “SSB exposes disbelief” and “seen reflects the seer”...
You may wonder what he and Ram das Awle and all the others are seeing that makes them so desperate, when it comes to defending the actions of SSB.

My suspicion is, that what they actually are seeing
are all those devotees who are now unhappy and doubting, because of the allegations against SSB.
Probably it is also their own doubts, that they want to come to terms with.
Ram das Awle also admits these doubts, when he writes that he lay in his room “immersed in confusion”.
Perhaps that´s the reason why they are fighting windmills, like Don Quixote, in their trials to exonerate their guru?

Why do they have to bother themselves that tremendously, when SSB already has created the perfect, foolproof trap of beliefs, from which there is no escape, when you are already stuck there?
Or is this system of beliefs not as complete as we always thought it was?
Is there still some space for doubts and are there built-in paradoxes in the system?

We have understood, that many of SSB´s devotees accuse SSB´s victims for being homosexual pedophiles, both in this life and even in their previous incarnations!
However SSB is apparently unaware that what he sees also reflects him! Further, if we should go by the “the seen reflects the seer”, we may then also ask if it is not those defenders of SSB who are themselves the homosexual pedophiles...
And what about the witless Lisa de Witt, who accuses Duncan Roads for being a “dumb retard”?

Surely there are built-in paradoxes in this logic of SSB. As soon as his devotees take the roles as accusers of the victims, with the purpose of defending him, they will themselves become “the seer”. And then the shadow will fall on them....
Consequently, at the moment there ought to be lots of homosexual pedophiles around SSB!

It is only SSB himself, the personification of purity, who is not bound by his own logic, who can permit himself to accuse people for being evil and worse than animals.....
And it is only SSB who can sexually molest young men and minors without consequences.
And certainly his life is not his message when it comes to his devotee´s actions....

Because of this, I think that the best thing ardent devotees can do is to completely stop their own thinking, if the brainwashing isn't strong enough and if they want to go on being devotees to SSB.
As soon as they try to explain and justify their guru´s actions, they will be on very slippery ice and they will be entrapped and make fools of themselves.

Actually Ram das Awle and the others don´t believe that their Poornavatar is innocent when it comes to the sexual molestations.
On the contrary they admit and try to explain these actions of his.
But they don´t realize that the more they try to explain, the more they will get entangled.

Their explanations are obviously very poor, ridiculous and strained attempts, that will only make things worse.
If I were a devotee I would certainly be full of doubts when I had read Ram das Awle´s article. But I suppose that this is not his purpose.....
He doesn´t understand that his explanations are leaking like a riddle and that there are lots of crucial questions that he avoids to answer. Probably because there are no answers......

And why bother to produce these half-measure explanations at all, when he could have been content with the statement that SSB´s/God´s ways are inscrutable?
That statement would probably be the best refuge for the devotees in their trying situation.

But as Ram das Awle now has taken on the hopeless task of explaining these difficult things for us, I would like to take the opportunity to ask him a few questions....
At the moment none of SSB´s devotees has been able to answer these questions, but perhaps he is the one who knows? I would really appreciate some good answers from him or from other devotees.

1. Why are SSB´s sexual manipulations only directed to one half of mankind? Even if Ram das Awle purports to have answered this by his fervid imagining that SSB caused those who he would grace in this way to be born as males, why did he have to make most of them young and good-looking with fair complexion?

And why must SSB in person carry out these corrective sexual manipulations? What would it be like if he in person also had to carry out all the other corrective actions that are needed to remove karma from his devotee´s previous incarnations? Why do sexual matters (from the male point of view) hold such an exceptional position? 

Why are those boys the only ones who are “blessed” with what Ram das Awle describes as “a special dose of divine energy”, “a short-cut to God- Realization”, “a touch from the Divine Hand” that “could strengthen the life force immeasurably”.
Probably most of these young men already belonged to those who were strong and healthy - at least before they met SSB.
But after his “loving sexual touch”, many of them got an urgent need for therapists, who use quite other methods than Ram das Awle´s “divine therapist”.
And isn´t it rather scornful to all those young men, who took their own lives after their contact with SSB, to write, as Ram das Awle does, that SSB´s touch is “ensuring a lifetime of health and vitality”.

2. Why does SSB use so much of his energy and time on sexual manipulations (directed to a minor fraction of his devotees) when there are lots of other urgent needs in this painful and distressed world?

3. Obviously Ram das Awle believes that he is the chosen one to enlighten us about the truth, according to the sexual molestations of SSB.
But why can´t SSB defend himself and his own actions? And why does he engage devotees, who can´t produce better explanations of his sexual molestations, than those mediocre and embarrassing ones?

4. Why does Ram das Awle focus that much of his energy and interest in SSB´s sexual behavior?
Isn´t he himself a good example of the principle “seen reflects the seer”?
What are all those ardent devotees of SSB supposed to believe, when it comes to Ram das Awle´s own sexual behavior?

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