How much can one swallow and



Date: 06-11-02

By: Robert Priddy



We’ve been asked to swallow a whole lot of codswallop about his name and fame, his unlimited powers and knowledge, by Sai Baba through the years, but among the fishiest items is surely his declaration that he will lift a whole mountain range? (see Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 3 new ed., p.92)

Some think we’ve already had the "aeroplane held up by his hands", allegedly predicted in some unknown Indian palm leaf manuscript. The US follower, Al Drucker was the first candidate for the aeroplane miracle with his story of being saved by a guiding voice on the intercom when flying with one sleeping passenger over the Rockies. Then came the supposed major miracle where SB kept a plane aloft that had lost its motors way out over the Atlantic on the way to South America. But the photo of ‘Sai in the Sky’ that the air hostess was alleged to have taken showed a treetop in the corner! Plenty still believe this 'miracle', as the Danish documentary shows, where a Norwegian called Lidvin spread this poppycock on thickly for his new travel companions! Ah! Such wonders will never cease! The photo was once accepted religiously (i.e. uncritically) by most devotees as a ‘proof’ that it all happened, but the Sai Org. in South America – I was informed by e-mail by the Central Coordinator Leonardo Gutter - investigated this and found no witnesses and no official reports of any kind whatever to support it in any way from any airline flying the routes and times involved.

One bright Indian fellow – a self-proclaimed devotee – has even claimed that he faked the picture himself! This must be an important and fairly omniscient chappie, Nirmal, who is also able to pronounce reassuringly to the gaping world:

"Don't worry, my friend. There will be no shortage of miracles. Watch for Sai to walk across the sky. Watch for Him to carry an airliner single-handedly for a very long distance. Watch for Him to hold up a mountain range. He has promised that all these will happen. Just have patience. Joy and peace, Nirmal"

I can accept the joy and peace, but I certainly won’t have the credulous patience he advises! His cherished belief stands tall… about as tall as the World Trade twin towers did!