Howard ''Not Perfect'' Murphet’s

'imaginative' reporting.


Date: 05-05-02

By: Robert Priddy



It is misguiding to present one's beliefs as if they were authoritative fact, however well-meaning the intention in so doing. It occurs often, even by the otherwise accurate Howard Murphet, who fails to draw the line between his own imaginative beliefs and what is unobservable or unproven fact... such as about the existence of great spiritual masters like those highly-elusive - indeed wholly undiscoverable - figures of Blavatsky's and W. Leadbeater's doubtful accounts like the supposed masters El Moya and Kuthumi, or his baseless and naively-uninformed belief that Aurobindo's meditations influenced Hitler at a crucial moment and caused him to attack Russia, thus eventually to save the world from Nazism. Hitler planned to attack Russia long before the 2nd WW. The timing was planned by the German High Command as  ‘Plan Barbarossa’, but it had to be delayed due to a Balkan diversion caused by British destabilization of the area to delay Hitler’s Russia attack. Such ‘spiritual imaginings’ that Murphet indulged in on that weaken his credibility when he relates other amazing incidents, even personally-experienced events with Sai Baba. Like virtually all other authors on Sai Baba, Murphet was evidently not in any way inclined to question anything he was told by others about Sai Baba or their own experiences. Unfortunately, he interpreted all his experiences and diverse hearsay within the ‘received wisdom’ that controls the minds of the converted.