Not a lady's man, but a man's man!


Date: 06-11-02

By: Robert Priddy



A Scandinavian lady, ex-devotee of SB, has written to me about SB. For reasons of her professional security, her name is withheld until further notice. She makes a subtle point about the young man Krishna, who SB declared to be his 'soul-brother' and who sat beside him on the chariot at Guru Purnima celebrations in Puttaparthi and shared his bedroom for some years.

"In her book, 'Other than You refuge there is none' (Anyatha Saranam Nasthi) by the elderly Indian woman devotee, Smt. Vijaya Kumari, who was with SB already in the 1940s when SB was in his teens, we read (p. 194-5):

'Krishna was very mild-mannered. He was not brisk, but very slow while walking. He was slim and fair, and of a sensitive temperament. Everyone would tease him saying that he should have been born a lady. While walking with him, Swami would stay very close to him. It showed how much Swami liked him. Looking at them both, we would playfully refer to them as Radha and Krishna. We do not know what merit accrued from previous lives it was that gave Krishna the privilege of staying upstairs in the company of Swami. Because Krishna was fond of bed coffee, Swami himself would make sure that the tray with coffee and biscuits was ready, and then wake him up. His meals also were with Swami. Making Krishna sit by His side serving him items from His own plate, Swami would watch over him very affectionately.
Who will have such rare fortune! Once Krishna had to go to Madras on some errand. Swami developed high fever. In His delirium, He would call out 'Krishna'. His fever subsided only after Krishna returned. This shows how much God loves His devotees...'

... or how much God thinks about some of his male devotees (above all the young, beautiful one with feminine appearance). As far as I know, I have never read anything similar about any female devotee. Is it only male devotees that have gathered up merits from past lives, that makes them targets for Sai Baba's grace?"

One has to admit, this also underpins the descriptions by so many young men who convincingly detail how they were sexually molested by SB. It also reminds of what Terry Gallagher, the long-term devotee and Australian Central Coordinator who resigned, wrote about how his observations and information led him to investigate, especially that:

"relating to students being sexually interfered with in grotesque ways by Sai Baba. It wasn’t until 1993, following the assassination attempt on Sai Baba, resulting in the murder of four college students and two assistants in the Mandir, that we made our last visit to India. The purpose of this visit was to find the reason why former students of Sai Baba"s college would want to kill him, particularly when they had been given a free education! I made further inquiries about Sai Baba having sexual relations with college boys and male students - some of these as young as seven years of age - and whether this was the reason for former students wanting to kill him. I was told, to my horror, that this was an acceptable Indian practice!"