In memory of all the many promises

Sai Baba never kept.


Date: 04-05-2002 12:39 PM ET (US)

By: Dennis J. Hanisch

From:, message 1550

The following is a true story. It was relayed to me by Glen Meloy by phone and later by e-mail. I have his permission to quote him verbatim regarding it:

"This young man actually lived in sb's house in the early days at Whitefield and was a close friend of Howard Murphet (Author of "Man of Miracles").

His original intention was to go into the accounting field, but all of a sudden sb told him that he should leave the ashram and go back to America and do the necessary studies and training to become a commercial airplane pilot.

Not just any old pilot. He was to be sb's personal pilot and fly him all over the world.

Naturally, fully convinced that sb was God Almighty Himself, the young man went home to the USA and for 10 years spent thousands of dollars and collected a virtual assortment of certificates of flight experience, including that of instructor.

When he returned to India, he sat on the front darshan lines hoping that sb would warmly greet him and acknowledge his return... As is well known to many, sb merely ignored him and walked right past him with no recognition of any kind.

In desperation, the young man again made it to the front lines and waved certificates at sb and exclaimed, 'Here I am ready to be your pilot as you commanded'.

Sb stopped and said to the young man: "What Can I Say? No Plane." and then slowly walked away.

You can imagine the devastation in his heart and feeling of having been tricked by none other than the alleged Lord, himself.

Dennis, my heart cried out when I heard that story and once again, it reminded me of all the many promises sb never kept.

How disappointing...

How horrendous and cruel a trick to play on anyone...

Unthinkable to even imagine anyone acting in such a manner."