It is time for an official investigation

by the Government in India


From rrachelr79 on:

Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 1524:

Date: 12/10/00 4:33 p.m.

Some facts:

Many people experience Miracles in their daily lives and ascribe them to SB but there is no way to prove that.

1. SB has received millionaire donations.

2. SB and/or his Trust/Organization have promoted and founded several charity works whose success have been questioned by different entities.

3. There are allegations regarding unproper use of the donations.
Up to now it seems very difficult to prove that.

4. In the written material about SB's discourses there are many contradictions and lack of consistency.

5. There is plenty of evidence that SB fakes materializations.
Many people claim to have experienced that.

6. According some people SB has health problems but reports from people who has been in PN recently are contrary.

7. SB has had several encounters with young males regarded as sexual from many of them.

A. The frequency of those is uncertain but some affirm that it is high.

B. There are allegations regarding those encounters as acts of pedophilia.

C. There are allegations about SB's homosexual conduct.

8. More and more those allegations are presented in the media, however the presented cases tend to be the same.

9. No official source has given a verdict. (for example UNESCO withdrew because of the allegations not because they were proven true.)

10. There are allegations regarding other issues like murders, money laundry, drug traffic, etc.

11. There are a number of theories about what SB is but none seem to be the "one".

12. SB has several millions of followers many of them belonging to the Sai Org. The current position of the Sai Org regarding allegations is disregard/discredit them. However as time goes more and more people react strongly to these issues in many flavours mostly against SB.

My Personal Experience:

My opinions:

Allegations are healthy, whatever the outcome they will be beneficial. If true then SB will be fully exposed and the world will act accordingly. If false then SB will win a lot of world's attention among other things. If unsolved (the most likely scenario at least for a while) then all sincere and unbiased seekers will have a very good time to learn.

Another benefit is that the expose in the media will warn as well as rise awareness among young males and their parents and friends about the possible outcome of an interaction with SB. If I had a son I would not allow him to visit SB.

Allegations come from different sources and follow a common pattern so it is very likely that they are true in a consensual level.

Despite the fact that I'd like SB to be innocent. I can not consider anymore SB as God. But I realize that may be much stuff unknown to me. So I have put him "on ice" and just present facts and leave people take their own opinion.

It would help a lot if a serious Government agency investigate the allegations and give an official verdict.