Date: 09-05-02

By: Robert Priddy



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A very close young friend of my wife and I (Anne-Irene Larsen) spent long periods at SB ashrams and worked for months in the foreigner canteens etc. She came to know a student of one of SB's colleges, a young prince who lived at Brindavan. This ‘prince’ called Gopal lives in palatial residence at Whitefield which is next door to the Brindavan ashram on the same side of the road. It is owned by his family, who were royals – his grandmother was the Queen in some northern state (Gujarat?) and she was the recipient of the famous large golden Krishna statue that Baba reportedly materialised red hot from the sands long ago on the northern coast of AP (A famous black-and-white photo shows him surrounded by devotees just after this, and another one in colour shows him holding it against his chest).

‘Prince Gopal’, now working as a flower-arranger in Bangalore, told Anne-Irene in 1998 how he had been present when SB had arrived from elsewhere in a hall where many students awaited him. In the hall, luggage he had brought was piled up high and SB told the students to find "my suitcase". They began to search, and there was soon a chaos of suitcases. SB was vague as to which it could be - none brought to him satisfied him. He grew angrier all the time. Students began to look further afield, in the kitchen, upstairs etc. just so as to get away from him. He then said he had some clothing in it. They found one containing dhotis, but he only grew angrier. At last they found one full of saris, in the kitchen. That was the one. Baba became cheerful again, smiling and laughing. Gopal told how frightened all the students were and how they go in constant fear of SB!  And why such terrorising emphasis on boys finding saris?

This description - noted exactly by me at the time - would have brought out all kinds of guilt feelings in many of the boys. That this kind of intimidation by SB is widely practiced, and has been since his early days, is becoming more and more evident. He works it - often only indirectly and subtly - on almost all devotees. Since he says, 'Fear sin, not God', why do people so fear him? If you don't know, just take a guess!

That he is not subject to human emotions like anger and happiness is disproved again and again by his actual behaviour. If, on the other hand, he is the Lord simply playing out a divine drama, why does he choose such a villanous part? The comment to that just has to be, pull the other one...