Sai Baba's Influence

by Tony O'Cleary

His influence seems to be pervasive among some of the world's elite. Presidents from Costa Rica and other countries. Some members of the Spanish Royal Family, Antonio Craxi of Italy, Even Prince Charles wanted an audience, according to Sri Indulal Shah the head of the Sai Organisation. The last Governer-General Of Canada, Romeo Le Blanc sent public birthday wishes, so did a mayor from Ottawa area. Fergie, the Duchess of Windsor visited Sai Baba. John Lennon did visit, but stormed off in disgust for some reason. Ravi Shankara is a devotee. Presidents and Prime Ministers of India visit him almost regularly. The King of Nepal visited him along with some European Bishop. Michael Jackson is also reputed to be a follower, as reported in the Link Newspaper in Vancouver. Hillary and Bill Clinton's advance party went to Puttaparthi but no visit occurred. Sai Devotees even claim Al Gore as sympathetic. Isaac Tigrett the founder of the 'Hard Rock Café', and 'House of Blues', is a well known devotee and contributes millions of dollars.

So his influence is right the way throughout society and doesn't just include millions of ordinary people. It is reputed his devotees number as many as 100 million. However there are problems since people like Connie Larsson went public in his exposure of Sai Baba's sexual antics, this was published in a Swedish magazine 'Sokaren', and reported in the Swedish Daily, 'Afton Bladet', in February, 2000.

Sai Baba claims to be able to bi-locate and shape shift, and there is much reporting of this, Al Drucker claims Sai Baba shape-shifted into the shape of an S.S. Colonel, who was in the same railway carriage, and advised Al to go West and escape Germany, as there would be no Moses this time. Al escaped and ended up working for NASA. And being a major devotee and writer for Sai Baba. He appeared to Larsson in Sri Lanka and prevented his suicide. He appeared as two big Black Guys to rescue a Dr Gadhia of the U.K. He was in East Africa and had a car crash in a lonely place. There are reports that he has shape-shifted to animal shapes, such as dogs and snakes. He once appeared as a group of different people, in order to prevent a suicide in India. He seems to take advantage of the weak!

He bi-locates in his subtle body frequently and I myself along with my daughters have experienced this on more than one occasion. He visits people in their dreams often as well.

Many devotees houses have ash and honey manifesting and dripping of pictures in their houses. I have seen this personally in Vancouver, in India at the temple at Sri Rangapatnam and other places around the world.

Most of the so called materialisation he does at the Puttaparthi Ashram, are just conjuring, and strangely he admits he doesn't materialise all the time. Many reports and even affidavits have been produced telling of his molestation of pubescent boys. He is reputed to be a Hermaphrodite, both male and female genitalia.

He claims to be God continually and says he is Rama and Krishna come back again. He claims to be 'the Father', that sent Jesus into incarnation. This indoctrination is extant right through his international organisation. I myself was the Secretary of the Vancouver Centre, and have been a member of different Centres around the world, particularly in Australia. I was a devotee for fifteen years, before finding out the truth!!!!!

I don't know whether he has taken reptilian form but it you read the great Indian Spiritual Epic,' The Ramayana', it is full of the shape-shifters that occupied the planet before Adamic man, and could take any form. In fact there was no human template when these beings first descended. Edgar Cayce writes about them in his readings. These Astral Beings haven't gone anywhere, they are still around.

The question that I have is, with regard to these famous people and leaders; 'Why do they flock to this 'Being', who is he and why is he here? Has it something to do with capturing souls for this plane and the astral? Is this the phony spiritual movement that is to be used, to try and completely dominate the planet?

Sai Baba has obviously, up until now, been protected by some kind of pedophile network, for he doesn't molest for so many years, in a vacuum. Are these famous leaders also pedophiles? I believe that even the British Police regard this organisation as being involved with pedophilia, and a judge is looking at their tax status.

A judge in Hyderabad, has opened the doors for a suit, possibly criminal charges against the Sai Hospital in Puttaparthi for selling organs. A man donated his kydney to his father but the father didn't get it and died. The man went back demanding compensation and was run off by the local police. It goes on and on, cover up after cover up.

Regards, Tony O'Clery.

Deccan Chronicle 5.11.99: "Hyderabad Nov 4: Justice G

Raghu Ram of the Andhra Pradesh High

Court on Thursday admitted a writ petition seeking initiation of criminal prosecution against the doctors of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Puttaparthi in Anantapur district alleging malpractices regarding the transplantation of kidney.

The writ petition has been filed by Balaji Triambak Rao Karavande, who has alleged that the doctors of the institute removed a kidney from his body and did not transplant the same to his father...

After he offered to donate one of his kidneys to save his father's life, the doctors at the institute operated on him on April 25 1994 and told him that the same would be transplanted to his father.

BT Karavande said that his father died in December 1995 and to his shock the doctors claimed that his father's body did not show signs of a new transplanted kidney. He informed the court that after this revelation, he lodged a complaint with the Latur [Maharashtra] police, who exumed the body, conducted a post-mortem, and confirmed that no kidney transplant has taken place.

He alleged that the police at Puttaparthi did not register the complaint and that he was thrown out of the hospital when he confronted the doctors with the relevant documents. He sought compensation of Rs 20 lakh and direction to the police to register a case and punish the guilty who played fraud upon him."

This story is also reported in The Hindu, Hyderabad, 5.11.99.

Apart from the obvious fraud and theft, if the allegations are proven the persons and doctors responsible at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences have also, at least, committed manslaughter and possibly murder (if a deliberate intent can be established).

I doubt this will go that far considering the influence Sai Baba has on the governments in India. There will probably be a scapegoat.

Regards Tony.