More confirmation that Sai Baba is

a fraud, who molests young boys.


By Acharya


For those who may not know, Baba is an Indian godman with millions of followers, including highly influential politicians and assorted seedy characters, as well as the huddled masses yearning to be free of poverty and pain. For the rich and powerful, Baba is well known to "materialize" luxurious gifts such as gem-encrusted rings, necklaces and Swiss watches (until a tariff was put on them). For the poor folk, he produces "vibhuti" or perfumed ashes composed of cow dung.

Baba claims to be the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Lord Hisseff, who is in complete control of the entire cosmos and can do anything He wishes, from saving His devotees from afar to resurrecting the dead. Naturally, He is constantly compared to Jesus, although He Himself claims to be higher to Jesus - in fact, the One who sent him.

Dozens of books and videotapes have been made regarding this god incarnate, gushing with the endless "miracles" he has allegedly produced, including not only a stream of jewelry but statues out of the sand and artifacts made from the True Cross! (Naturally, although he is all-knowing, he is unaware that Jesus is a solar myth.)

Unfortunately for all the mystery and magic, Baba has been demonstrated repeatedly to be a sleight-of-hand magician, having been caught on tape at least twice "manifesting" objects in a typical magician's fashion. The vibhuti ash he produces is usually hidden in one hand or in his mouth. (Conveniently, his ashram just happens to produce vibhuti for "other purposes," while what he "manifests" is the "real thing.") In reality, Baba was raised in a traveling circus and had an uncle who was a "tantrik-conjuror," but these facts are not usually disclosed to his credulous followers.

It is claimed by such followers that all these magic tricks are designed to increase "faith" in his message and wisdom. So what exactly are his message and wisdom? Heavy Hinduism, with a mishmash of other world religions: "I am God. But you are too. (Although I am much more so.)" The "extraordinary" advice that women should remain in their traditional roles as wives and mothers - such a visionary! In fact, he is poorly educated, very unscientific and basically repeats the same old guru platitudes, with an enormous dose of egotism in which he talks of himself as the One who created the cosmos and who has come to fix the world. (Sure is taking a long time!)

Such omnipotence, however, was not enough to stop a group of assailants from evidently attempting to murder him in 1996. One report says that while the all-powerful Baba was cowering in his bathroom, the assailants were murdering two of his prominent devotees, including a man who had passed him a necklace during one of the sleight-of-hand tricks caught on tape and exposed around India. With Baba apparently unable to stop the assailants, the police were forced to come in and shoot them. It is said that they were "students with a grudge." Although this grudge was purported to have something to do with "a girl," knowing Baba's voracious appetite for young boys, one might suspect otherwise.

In fact, in addition to the tricksterism, Baba is notorious for sexually molesting boys, many of whom are compelled to service him in his bedroom in order to remain in his school. One confused American in his 20s claimed Baba manipulated him and then saved his sperm in a hanky for some "tantric" black magic purpose. As you will see from the report below, others have been likewise victimized by this 4'11" Hendrix-dooed guru. (I was told by someone who claimed to have hung out in Baba's quarters that he has a fondness for Hendrix, with even a poster of the rock star on his wall.)

Acharya S

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