September 2001 Forecast


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Hi Dave,

Here is my September Forecast -letting you know the energies continue to be potent the balance of this month.

Attached are the two Sai Baba interpretations as Word documents, which will further illuminate your efforts.

Basically, if you're going to create some activity, now is a very good time to do so.


Doug Riemer


September 2001 Forecast

(Posted 9/7/2001)

The dog days of August must end, and this year September roared in like an Atlantic hurricane.

Following is my August 30 emergency e-mail to my financial services clients in response to that day's stock market gyration:

"Mars, the destructive planet of war, is now in Sagittarius (Jupiter's sign), from which it aspects Pisces (Jupiter's other sign) and Jupiter itself. As Jupiter is wealth, investments suffer. There is also a likelihood of rash investing, which would bring losses. That Mars also aspects Venus (wealth) just adds to the severity of the downturn. At the same time, of course, relentless Saturn continues in Taurus (Venus's sign of wealth), slowing depressing the economy.

There may also be some religious fanaticism aggravating the situation - Mideast stuff?  I see 9/10 - 9/14 as being really bizarre."



Mars moved into Sagittarius August 26 and reached full hurricane strength on the 30th. The financial and religious issues described above become onerous because the south node of the Moon, called Ketu (the tail of a snake or dragon in Hindu mythology) is also in Sagittarius this year. Ketu, as a fiery spiritual influence, bangs against Mars' fiery worldly nature. The general result is irritation, extreme sensitivity, loss of equilibrium and accidents. Events happen very quickly during Mars/Ketu.

Thus, we find economic woes and religious conflict, which combine to bring chaos and disruption on both a mundane (world) level and to individuals throughout the month. Recent sharks attacks seem to be a provocative manifestation of this energy.

The Mars/Ketu conjunction reaches maximum intensity between September 10 and 14, as noted above. Although everyone should use care in their activities during the entire month, this 4 day period is exceptional. To avoid problems, stay alert to your environment and avoid risky situations.

The wonderful photo below of last year's lunar eclipse reminds of the continued connection between the heavens and earth, that the wheel of karma inevitably turns. 



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Sai Baba's Vedic Chart

Born November 23, 1926 at 5:06 AM in Puttaparthi, India

77E45’  14N15'    Ascendant 18:34' Libra


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Sai Baba’s Vedic Chart Summary

The Karmic Ebbs And Flows Of A Man Who Would Be A God

Integral to Hinduism is the belief that gods reincarnate at the time and place when mankind most needs their prophetic teachings. Following this theme, saints, who are godly by nature due to their enlightenment, also reincarnate to support humanity.  Yet, there seems to be uncertainty, at least from this Western cultural perspective, as to how godly a saint, reincarnated or in his/her original life, may be. One thing seems certain, however. The Indians' beliefs in gods, saints and reincarnation is so fundamental to their culture that they, and international adherents to their faith, can be taken in by false prophets. (Similarly, throughout the world, cultures have often followed secular and religious false prophets who offer stressed people solutions to their problems through religious or political teachings.)

As a Vedic Astrologer from the West, I do not pretend to comprehend the complex hierarchies of Indian gods and saints. I can only render an opinion as to whether the past life karma's in Sai Baba’s Vedic chart indicate a saintly individual or one who uses psychic abilities to promote selfish goals, as is recently being reported.

This Summary Interpretation cites specific karmic influences which dispute Sai Baba’s godly nature and support his manipulations for personal gain. It is being freely offered to cast some light of truth on a situation which has caused many former devotees much anguish and promises to disappoint, if not actually harm, the many millions of the still faithful. Please note that beyond my studies of Vedic Astrology, I have no spiritual orientation or affiliation with any individual or group.

That Sai Baba has psychic abilities is shown by the tremendous planetary energies on his 8th house of the occult from five planets casting aspects (glances) to that house.  Interestingly, however, the 8th cannot function in a healthy fashion for its ruler, Venus (love), is ruined by being absolutely combust (burnt) by the Sun and is further harmed by malefic (harmful) energies from restrictive Saturn, an injured Mercury (intellect) and a particularly vicious Mars (the planet of war). The man may indeed have tremendous psychic abilities in "reading" people, but his vision is not clear. That ruined Venus is placed in the 2nd house of speech indicates that truthfulness is an issue. Harmful influences from other planets upon the 2nd house reinforce this trait, while at the same time bring a powerful speaking ability, as well as wealth. That warrior Mars aspects the 2nd house, where Saturn resides, creates a criminal disposition, and since the 2nd house is money by one’s own efforts, the saint would steal from others.

Venus, which in its higher form is love of god and in its lower form is addictions and excessive carnal desire/activity, must operate in the most base fashion.  That Venus is less than 1/4 of a degree from the Sun ties this impure and unclear psychic strength to his ego. In other words, he is both selfish and unconcerned about the welfare of others. That Venus is next to cold Saturn indicates sex for money. That an immoral and very powerful Mars aspects Venus creates an unhealthy sexual passion and lack of virtue. Combined, these are a fixed karma for sexual deviation.

The other truly provocative planetary disposition is that of the Moon (perceptional mind). Sai Baba’s bright Moon rules the 10th house of career and is placed in the 9th house of higher knowledge. This calls for a powerful and successful spiritual career. However, the Moon is closely conjunct Rahu, an eclipse point that is symbolized by the top half of a snake in Vedic mythology. Rahu signifies worldly cravings and desires, and as such it is an intensifying and intoxicating influence. With the Moon, Rahu may add to Sai Baba’s psychic abilities, but it also causes false imaginings, mental derangements and even possession by astral beings or ghosts. The Moon’s perceptional mind, how we interact with and perceive the world, is thus volatile and distrusting. He may be paranoid. The most impactive consideration of this Moon/Rahu combination, however, is that these planets are placed in the 9th house of fortune and higher knowledge, where they influence for great wealth but also for bizarre philosophies.

Looking at his Dasa cycles graphic, one can see that Sai Baba was born under Rahu, which was a very difficult start in life. His subperiod planets (not shown) at the time of birth were the Moon and Jupiter (expansion and religion). This last is interesting, for Jupiter is a planet of impulse and egoism in this chart, and it’s placement in the 4th house of the unconscious makes religion dear to his heart. Therefore, at birth, Sai Baba was imprinted with the maximum influence for perceptional and emotional derangement. Jupiter’s influence was to both expand this an give it an additional religious bent.

Keeping the above combination in mind, when Sai Baba declared himself a saint on October 20, 1940, he was running his impulsive and egotist religious Jupiter Dasa, and his subperiod planets were the Moon and Jupiter. Now, these planets together give faith and devotion, ordinarily a wonderful combination, but with the Moon’s bizarre philosophies, he convinced himself that he was a god.

Sai Baba has been running his 20 year Venus Dasa since 1988, which explains the reported misconduct but also his continued strong psychic powers. Given that his psychic skills are strong but somehow injured and that he is probably a paranoid ego maniac, he doubtless exaggerates his own abilities. Thus, his manifesting has been observed to be sleight of hand tricks. His chart does show excellent hands skills in his 3rd house and in his powerful Mars, but age has diminished his ability to deceive, even as he still believes he actually manifests.

Currently, Sai Baba is still running his Venus Dasa, and his subperiod Dasa planet is Jupiter (3/498 - 11/2/2000), which gives some protection but also influences for him to dissipate in perverted sexual pleasures while at the same time giving the appearance of devotion. After Jupiter comes the Saturn subperiod, which will stimulate further degraded actions and restrict both money and his ability to persuade, even as he may at the same time appear the most convincing.

To peer further into Sai Baba’s future in terms of worldly events, we look to transits, which are passages of the planets in today’s skies over the birthchart. Jupiter and Saturn are the important transiting planets for their size and long length of time in each sign/house. Beginning in early June of 2000, Sai Baba’s Jupiter and Saturn together entered the 8th house of the occult. As an evil house, however, the 8th brings turmoil and reversals, sometimes even catastrophes and downfalls. These 8th house transits seem to be proving disastrous for Sai Baba, as would be expected, even as Jupiter has been protective by virtue of its subperiod Dasa. This transit continues until 6/7/2001, when Jupiter moves out of the house.When protective Jupiter yields to restrictive Saturn on 11/2/2000 in the Dasa system, however, life will greatly tighten up for Sai Baba. "Because it is Saturn’s essential purpose to temper the soul, it attacks our weak points to drive us to maturity." So, we would expect his problems to become more grave in just a few weeks, and by next June, a true downfall may have occurred.

A chart has many, almost endless, karmic influences that describe a life. This Summary has attempted to focus upon dominant lifelong and cyclical karmas that pertain to the current situation. It is hoped these thoughts will put a little salve on the wounds of devotees whose beliefs have been shattered by this saint who is truly only a man, and a not very nice man at that. In closing, I offer a path of hope for Sai Baba, which may mitigate some of the damage he has done. The 8th house turmoil stimulate the person to break from one fixed pattern into another because the problems it causes are so egregious that the person is sometimes literally forced into reexamining his life and seeking a better life path. This upcoming downfall can thereby be turned into an opportunity to atone. Yet, redemption and forgiveness, whether by individuals or institutions, appears unattainable in this incarnation.

This interpretation was composed October 18, 2000 by Doug Riemer. Permission is hereby granted for public distribution of this interpretation by any means to facilitate bringing truth to light. To avoid misunderstandings in any such reproduction, please reference this website address and indicate whether the information is either complete or excerpted.

For documentation on the accusations of misconduct implicit in this chart interpretation, please see the September-October issue of Nexus Magazine and/or visit the website


Sai Baba's Astrocartography Summary

How the man influences others geographically

Astrocartography, where the planets are strong in angles in the birth chart, is a recent addition to the Vedic toolbox. Essentially, it generates a world map of strength lines showing specific areas of personal influence. By adding astrocartography’s space to Vedic Astrology’s time, the person’s karmas are illuminated multidimensionally. Astrocartography is explained in some detail in this website's Glossary, immediately above. (If you're reading this from another source, go to

This again is a summary interpretation focusing upon the most obvious astrocartography influences. Unfortunately, the specialized astrocartography maps cannot be displayed on this website. Therefore, geographical descriptions will be specific without overwhelming in detail.

Normally in Astrocartography, we look at how the person’s karmas are influenced by visiting his/her lines and by dealing with individuals who live on that’s person’s lines. This exercise is different because it also analyzes how people who reside on Sai Baba’s lines may relate to him. There is thereby a frontier aspect to this astro-cartography interpretation.

We first determine which of Sai Baba’s planets are involved with his reported abuse of children and adults. Mars (sex and desire) is the obvious first choice in its symbolizing aggression, immorality and perversions. Venus is also harmful in this chart because the planet of love is combust (burnt) by the Sun and has other weaknesses. Venus operates without compassion but rather with Venus’s lower level of lust and addiction. Lines for these two planets suggest locations where Sai Baba’s influence would be particularly odious.

Provocatively, Sai Baba has both Mars and Venus lines in the U S and a Mars line in India.

In the U S, there is a strong Mars Ascendant line angling from the southeast toward the northwest that is mostly in the Pacific Ocean but touches the northwest coast of California. This line appears to go right through San Francisco, giving him powerful decadence there and making people who were born or live in that city particularly susceptible to his sexual depravity. The line’s 700 mile orb of power extends this karmic influence throughout California and western Oregon. That devotees in this area would rise up against Sai Baba also makes sense if one considers their reaction against his Martian aggression toward them.

Sai Baba has a Venus Descendant line running parallel to his Mars Ascendant line.  This line cuts through the middle of Texas, Colorado Wyoming, Montana and Alberta. Denver is a direct hit. This line also goes through the southern tip of Mexico, where it is close to Mexico City, the middle southern part of Chili and Argentina. In areas affected by this line, Sai Baba would be particularly selfish, lustful and cruel in his lack of compassion, even as he would evidence great love. As a Descendant line, his emotions and subconscious come into play, giving his words and actions greater credibility. Bear in mind that Sai Babe runs his Venus cycle from 1988 to 2008, which means his love activities are activated and thereby now particularly harmful to people in these areas.

The Mars line in India is more north/south and runs through Bombay and close to Delhi and Srinagar. Again a Descendant line, Sai Baba would appear very convincing in these areas. A supposition could also be made that young boys from these cities, and the villages along the line, would be perversion targets who Sai Baba would pursue with vigor.

We can further look at activity locations for birth lines. Malaysia is a current area of dispute, and it happens a Saturn line running through the west part of Thailand could be close enough to Malaysia to influence there. As restrictive Saturn has to do with government and money in this chart, and Sai Baba enters a Saturn planetary cycle November 2, this could signal government and monetary losses in that country very soon. A Mercury (communications and business) line travels through Malaysia.  As Mercury is badly injured in Sai Baba's birth chart and is retrograde (fouling its influence) until November 9, this could contribute to his business problems and ability to communicate effectively in that country.

One other highlight is pertinent for this summary interpretation. Puttaparthi, India is at latitude 14 degrees, 15 minutes. (Note: 1 degree is about 70 miles and 1 minute about 1 mile). Sai Baba has a crossing of Mercury and Neptune lines at 14 degrees, 02 minutes, which places this crossing influence within 13 miles south of Puttaparthi's center...  (Perhaps his personal residence is so located in this maximum power spot?) While the outer planets are generally not included in Vedic Astrology, they can be applied for astrocartography.  Mercury’s communications with Neptune’s dissolving of reality stimulates fantasy, intuition, acting, lying, forgetting promises, and notably subtle forms of deceit. Yet, transcendental thinking and the occult can thrive in this environment of limitless perception. This line crossing, then, stimulates Sai Baba’s appearance of spirituality while concurrently enabling his ability to deceive. In this last regard, it is worthwhile noting that his afflicted Mercury is in the his birth chart’s 2nd house of communications and money next to Venus, and his Neptune is in his eleventh house of goals, friends and groups. Taking these birth chart placements into consideration, this line crossing greatly enables Sai Baba's deceiving his friends and groups for money and sex.

Astrocartography provides a tremendous amount of information in its dozens of lines of influence that span the globe. A book could be written describing Sai Baba's influences upon others from hundreds, if not thousands, of cities and towns located on or near his astrocartography lines. Thus, the only practical way to further investigate these spacial influences is to field inquiries from people who were born on, live on or are interested a particular area.

This astrocartography summary was composed October 27, 2000 by Doug Riemer. Permission is hereby granted for public distribution of this work by any means to facilitate bringing truth to light. To avoid misunderstandings in any such reproduction, please reference this website and indicate whether the information is either complete or excerpted.


September 2001 Supplemental Forecast

September 16

The pressures of the recent difficult fiery conjunction of aggressive Mars with uncontrollable Ketu have greatly eased. Resolution is likely. Mars is now 1 1/2 degrees away from Ketu, decreasing the irritation and irrationality of this combination by the hour.

Other planetary positions are auspicious, and I mention these to give weight to my optimist view. Today, Venus, (love) is away from Mars’ and Saturn’s’ malefic aspects in moving into Leo (government), which boosts compassion and thereby influences for moderation. The Sun (power and government, kingship) has exited Leo, where it has been elevating egos and thereby bringing misuse of power.  Lastly, Mercury (intellect) is rapidly weakening in its exalted sign of Virgo, where it has brought excessive brilliance for some. With little compassion, too much ego and analytical brilliance, Venus, the Sun and Mercury had added fuel to the terrorists' Mars/Ketu fire.

Other upcoming influences bring further softening, and we should all observe the world and our own feelings to monitor and support stabilization. On September 20 Mercury will move in Libra to stimulate communication, cooperation and balance. On September 22, evil Mars moves into a Lunar Mansion owned by Venus, greatly moderating it’s destructive power.  However, we should use some care on September 24 as the perceptional/peaceful Moon crosses Mars at noon.  Let us hope and pray for moderation and no overreaction that day,  for a final and desperate terrorist act could occur.

lunareclipse3.jpg (4613 bytes)

There is a full Moon in wise Jupiter’s sign of Pisces on October 2 at 
8 AM CST.  This is in the Lunar Mansion (Nakshatra) of  Uttara Bhadrapadha.  That secret movement is given here indicates clandestine action, hopefully by the U S and its allies.

Action against the terrorists will be favored from October 1 to the morning of October 5, as Mars and Jupiter begin to closely aspect each other. 

Mars’s agression on Jupiter’s ethics brings energy to do the right thing, to fight for what is right, to be chivalrous. The October 2 full Moon would be the most likely time for this effort to begin, in secret. The down-side of this conjunction is the fanatical zeal we saw on September 11, but with nearly all planetary positions improved, further terrorist acts are unlikely. 


Doug Riemer

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