Article from Elohim Magazine


From the Editoral of Elohim Magazine  - Australia

Last week the stories started to emerge about Sai Baba and the expose of a guru began, with charges of embezzlement, lies, chicanery and pedophilia. Whether there is truth around the issue is irrelevant. It is about the emotion we feel when confronted. The key lies in being non-judgmental, nor aroused by the need to defend, display indignation, passion or anger. To be free from the need to re-act in any way and to be able to offer love to those in pain and hurt. I expect that many of us on our self acclaimed spiritual paths will now be confronted about Sai Baba by others who are not yet aware. Sai Baba was perhaps the one living spiritual icon that everyone could use as a prop to uphold, or defer to, or use to prove that we were on ‘the right track’. And therein lies the Gift. For Sai Baba has given us the ultimate sacrifice, if we but choose to accept it as such. The Gift of Freedom – for millions of devotees and for each of us as well, we have had a major support removed.  We have been shown the folly of giving our power away. Those who place their faith in others, invest their energy in cults, or allow anything but their OWN divinity to be paramount must have this lesson.

ARE YOU READY? – can you rise above the scorn and ridicule that may be heaped on your beliefs and inner knowing? Can you stand alone in your power like the masters and saints of old and remain true to yourself?  For whenever we place our belief and trust in someone, or something out-side of ourselves, or we are not standing in our own power we open our-selves to the potential for another major personal ‘challenge‘.

While these things appear to be a collective issue, each ‘drama’ is personal, because we are never separate from the One. As the Sai Baba story becomes widely exposed, each of us will be challenged to hold the space of love and understanding.

Remember that we create our own reality by the way we focus. That we are part of the One Mind of God and in that lies only perfection, no matter what the illusion being presented by the ‘outside world’. The choice for Peace is always there. When the next 'drama' leaps into your awareness, just take a breath and check your emotion and co-creative baggage and then let it go. Choose Peace and watch ‘your’ world change before your eyes. Its working for me and I love it !

Elohim Magazine   - September issue 2000

"Love does not condemn, and Love does not judge. And what is not Love is fear, and nothing else. Therefore, remember always, precious friends, that no act of Love should ever be judged. For each act of Love is to be cherished. Each moment of Love's presence and Reality, each moment in which a soul, two souls, three souls, ten souls, a country of souls, a universe of souls-it doesn't matter-where the choice is made to drop the defenses, to open and gesture as the presence of Love-that act is to be cherished! For it is rare in the world."

Jeshua Ben Joseph