Baba's miracles and the profound

experiences of former devotees



Date: 10-09-02

Document date 10-06-02

From: Elena A. Hartgering

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Background: "Ye too are Gods" and "Faith can move mountains."

As Sai devotees we directed our love and devotion to God in the form of Sai Baba. We lived good lives, devotional lives, lives dedicated to godliness. When we prayed to Sai and our prayers were answered in a positive manner, we attributed that to Baba. If the answer was negative, we believed he knew what was best for us. When miracles happened in our lives or in the lives of others, we attributed that to him as well. I contend that these experiences were a product of our faith in God, even though we now know we were mistaken ONLY in the form of god we chose as the object of our devotion. BUT there is a real God and God heard our prayers and read the humility, love, devotion and purity in our hearts - was moved and answered both in a positive way and what appeared to us as a denial as well. God, if there is a God, is not jealous. He/She wouldn't mind that our prayers and devotion were directed to the chosen god-form of Sai Baba. God is much greater than a self-proclaimed Indian holy man in a remote region in India.

I still say the same prayers I always have, and still give the same devotion to the Greater God of the universe. It is no surprise that my prayers are still answered in the same way they’ve always been. It is no surprise that miracles still occur in my life and in the lives of others. The only thing that has changed is my focus. I no longer picture (shudder) Sai Baba, but instead visualize the magnificent presence of beautiful energy and colors in a mystical garden which satisfies my need for visualization. God doesn’t need that; I do. 

I think life's journey has much to do with the expansion of our awareness of our internal God-selves while all the while minimizing identity with the small ego-self. God is all about love, inclusiveness, and unity, while the little ego is small, self-involved and fearful. Let us not lose that godliness in ourselves because we erred in our choice of god form. Nothing is changed EXCEPT our own perception of Sai Baba and ultimately God Himself/Herself. Let us not give away our godliness because Baba failed to live up to his.

About Elena A. Hartgering

Elena A. Hartgering is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Ordained Minister and Pastoral Counselor, and Spiritual Director. She recently retired from a private practice specializing in concerns associated with sexual abuse, loss and grief, and end of life issues. She continues her practice as a crisis counselor in times of disaster and practices her interfaith ministry in the performance of weddings and funeral services, and pastoral care for the dying. She is a teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator.
Mrs. Hartgering holds an Associate in Science Degree and Legal Assistant Certification from Manchester Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vermont College of Norwich University, as well as a Master of Arts and Sixth Year Certification from St. Joseph College. She is ordained by Universal Life Church, and completed 1200 hours of Clinical Pastoral Education resulting in a hospital chaplaincy.