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Date: March 3, 2003





Dear All,

As you can see, in the Background section of her website, the Baba Doll woman, Lotus Lee, trots off a few of the tiresomely persistent Sai myths: he has all the sixteen characteristics of the purnavatar. His advent was predicted in clear terms by: Nostradamus, Prophet Mohammed, Sage Shuka, and Sage Shukha, and other sages in various nadis Agasthya, Bhrigu, and in the Brahmanadi and the Mahabharata.

Providing us with a further hoot or two, she drags up, without citing any source, a passage ostensibly from the late Swami Muktananda. (Of the hipocrisy of pretendedly celibate gurus, dear friends of mine who were among his very closest associates are frank to say: sure, he was in among the women devotees!). It is an account of Guru Dronacharya, who is described as the greatest archer the world has ever known. (I thought it was William Tell or a chap called Zen N TheArtof ...). 

The point of the tale is that the Guru can transmit 'shaktipat' - the awakening of the kundalini or latent cosmic psychosomatic power in a spiritual disciple. At the top of this account, Lotus Lee writes:  Spiritual awakening through Shaktipat (transmission of spiritual power) can be had through a doll in the image of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Not least her doll, no doubt. (Now, with all the Baba Dolls set to go running around the world, no young boy may be all that safe. Or will Sai Shaktipat Guru at last relent, at the age of 76 (Lotus Lee says 77), and confer shaktipat on young girls as well?

Here is what Ms Lee says of herself on: What's New -


Who is Lotus Lin? …currently retired after 30 years in Personal Financial Advisory capacity …a Canadian girl of Chinese heritage born on Nov. 23, 1950 to parents of no religious suasion …mother of two adult children …Reiki Master, Psychotherapist, Workshop Facilitator, Management Consultant …primary caregiver to 94-year old father …she is on the earth plane to 'HELP PEOPLE CONNECT TO SOURCE'.

For those of you getting our cause into the world's media, here is a lead:  a story about fetishist aspects of cult worship, etc.

For Expose psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, it's worth noting: that the woman claims to be a psychotherapist, yet says that she was for thirty years in finance. Since she also describes herself as looking after a 94 year old father, promoting her Baba dolls, and being a management consultant, one wonders where is the time for her psychotherapist's practice, her self development workshops, etc. It would be a simple procedure for fellow professionals to run a check on any credentials Lotus Lee may have, and the professional status of them IF they exist. The Expose has a number of VERY qualified sexual abuse therapists, fully satisfied that the alleging victims and their families are telling the truth, so perhaps Ms Lee would like to speak with our experts.

Lotus Lee also refers to herself as a 'girl.' Surely, that just about says it - a girl, still playing with dolls! 

Our researcher-writers could well discover and analyse this development in its relationship to neurotic behaviour with extensive psycho-social ramifications. Our writers on mental phenomena may like to relate the doll theme to the nature of projection, and the part it plays in guru worship.

For those who like to send shafts of emails into the air, like a Zen archer's arrows winging effortlessly to their targets, you may like to let the dolly girl-woman? know some salient FACTS about the doll behind the doll. You can write to her via the Submit form on her feedback page:


The occurrence of this doll phenomenon (which could develop into a Baba Doll mania) may seem a small enough thing.  However, if we consider the insipid, jejune mentality that goes with this sort of caper, we shall realise that the Baba Doll idea could spread like wildfire. For, in the realm of projection, fetishism, archetypes, etc., dolls can be a psychological tour de force!

It takes no oracle to predict that this website will start to rage, and become yet another part of the Sai cottage industry - like those pearls that, allegedly, manifested in Malaysia and have been flogged to thousands of Sai devotees. Heard about it? I have (or had) a friend who was right into this. Then there was a fire, it is said, at the place where the pearls manifest, it is said, and my poor dear Patrick, who is an exceptionally honest person, got caught with an embarrassing situation - hosts of people waiting forever (one of them contacted me only last Saturday: "WHERE is Patrick!") for their pearls and the gold receptacles and chains with which they came.

Our concern is very much for the potentially large number of children who will be given this doll, and develop a very deep attachment to it, only to find out eventually, and shockingly, that the original of the little doll is a big fraud!

Surely, we have an acute responsibility here.

When one really looks at the Baba Doll and photos of the Puttaparthi fellow (and one's memories of him), one is a bit hard put to answer the question:


See below!

Barry Pittard.  Email:  bpittard@beachaccess.com.au