Date: 07-30-02

By: Brian Steel



For almost a year now, I have been writing and publishing my research findings critical of the Divine Claims of Sathya Sai Baba. Because these findings are perceived to be "against" SSB, my writings have naturally found favour among a loose-knit group known as the "sai-exposť" group consisting of a few people whose work I appreciate and admire, and a motley group of others.

In view of the major focus of this "group", which is no less than the denunciation and unmasking of SSB as a paedophile, and even, by some, as the "anti-Christ", the association has made me uncomfortable.

Before continuing with what I hope will be my final month of work on this basically disagreeable topic, therefore, I wish to make the following brief statement which will not endear me to SOME of my erstwhile associates and will not earn me any kudos on any "side", but which WILL help me to continue to live comfortably with myself.

In view of the extraordinary career of SSB, and in spite of the thick veil of hagiography and disputed facts which conceals the reality of his Mission, any attempt to discredit him by alluding to him as a basically evil person (which he obviously is NOT), the "anti-Christ", and to concomitant "black" powers, seems to me to be as fanciful, exaggerated and unrealistic as SSB's own claims of Avatarhood (and some of the antics of his volunteer propagandists and partisans).

As I have endeavoured (perhaps without much success) to suggest in my unspectacular writings, it is my considered view that SSB is an authentic but flawed guru, within the Hindu tradition, who has achieved many positive results by inspiring and transforming people. My intense and relentless criticism, and the reason why I became disenchanted with him in the first place, is entirely based on what I see (more and more) as the blatant untruth in many of his claims and statements over the past 60 years - much of which has only recently become evident.

The allegations of homosexual misconduct and abuse which currently hang over SSB's head will one day be resolved, one way or the other. IF, as appears likely, he is guilty of these horrendous charges, then the world will know that yet another guru has betrayed his lofty mission by succumbing to carnal human temptations.

Whatever the eventual outcome on that "newsworthy" issue, his claims of Divinity seem already to have been virtually discredited, without many people noticing!