Three Historic Nexus Articles 


Posted: Sunday November 2, 2003

Author: Barry Pittard


Useful References:

..\letters\barrynexus.html. Nexus letter, June-July 2003 Issue.

..\witnesses\duncan.html. Duncan Roads, editor-publisher of Nexus, clarifies his standpoint on SSB and his organisation.

 ..\letters\barrynexus.htmlSome comments by D.R. and others are collected here, along with cumulative Urls, especially relating to slanderous attacks by Lisa de Witt. 

Duncan Roads, the Editor of Nexus magazine, has kindly granted my request for permission to post on our websites the three articles from the September-October 1999 Issue of that international magazine:

Sai Baba Exposed. Fraud, Fakery and Molestation

Note: The David Bailey Myfreeoffice webpage referred to in Nexus exists no longer.

On publication of the three Nexus articles in Sept-Oct. 1999, the intense hate-mail and hate-phone calls that Duncan Roads quickly received from the Sathya Sai Baba community showed how powerful the printed word can be, and how powerless are that shameless guru's teachings about love and forebearance as an influence in the lives of so many of his most earnest devotees.

When the Danish national broadcaster, DR, aired ějvind Kyr°'s 54-minute documentary on the Sai Baba ExposÚ, Seduced, we saw more of the same 'love all, serve all' activity by SSB devotees, expressed not least by top leaders in the SS movement - the central co-ordinator for Europe and co-co-ordinator for Russian-speaking countries Thorbj÷rn Meyer, and the wealthy Danish businessman J°rgen Trygved, who was also chairman of the Sai International School fund board. Such devotees went to all sorts of lengths, including in the courts, to stop the Seduced program, and to denigrate its professionalism, which fortunately is evident to the rest of the world - more parts of which will get to see it before too much longer. See my Sathya Sai Baba ExposÚ: An Update: barryexposeupdate.html

When I was successful in getting the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Professor James McWha, to cancel the Sai National Confernce 2003, the Australian SS Organisation head, T. Ramanathan promptly and bloody-mindedly found out and posted on the Internet the address of a private retreat of mine known to almost no-one, and posted demonstrably false accusations against me, threatening Class Action Litigation. See: ..\letters\cancelledsnc.html and ramanathan.html.

Not enough the endless litany of Sai hatred, Sai vilifications, Sai lies, Sai slurs. We now have: Sai litigation. It is fast winning avid devotees.  

Thank you for letting us have these articles, Duncan Roads. And all honor to those courageous and truthful people whose articles Nexus ran: Dr Terry Gallagher and Hans de Kraker (both of Australia) and Jens and Gurprit Sethi (Germany).  

Somehow, Duncan Roads, you have escaped Sai litigation. Maybe you have a good lawyer waiting in the background good and ready for the devotees of Sai litigation. You have thousands of readers in many countries, but soon these three articles, with a new lease of life, will deliver thousands more.