An Example of Sai Baba's Example



Date: 10-17-02

Reaction from Barry Newton on "Sai Baba's Example: Disclosure of Disarming Facts?"

Dear Robert ~ while reading you latest posting "Sai Baba's Example: Disclosure of Disarming Facts?", I remembered a quite stark example of SB's duality of word and deed which I clearly witnessed from close proximity (about 20 meters).

I was in attendance of the 1st Meeting of Chairpersons worldwide of the 'Sai Organisation in October/November 1998. At the time I was chairperson of Pennant Hills Center in Sydney (Zone B NSW Australia), and prior to each conference, all attendees attended darshan. I was of a bent to always sit in a position which gave favourable and unobstructed views, so as a westerner, I would sit amongst the Indian population as their heads only came up to my shoulders, thereby giving clear view all around. 

At darshan of this particular afternoon, SB had been around the circuit and had ascended the stairs on the front left porch of the mandir (men's side), when SB remonstrated with one of those 'favoured persons' sitting there at the top level. This person had attempted to touch SB's foot as he passed. SB stepped back, pointed his waving finger at the man, and resumed moving forward. The man again tried to touch SB's foot, at which SB took a step back, raised his right hand well above his shoulder, and brought his hand down upon the man's face with a resounding "WHACK" which echoed through Kulwant Hall loudly enough for ladies on the far side who were unsighted to look around for the source of the sound as it resoundingly broke the silence. SB then moved forward amongst the shocked and astounded dignitaries and, turning, shouted at the man in native language, and had the SB minders forcibly manhandle and remove the man from the area (and presumably the ashram).

This incident would be easily dismissed by spiritually befuddled devotees of the Sai Organisation because the Sai Organisation  manipulates the truth to suit after the fact, but in any way it remains a stark example of word contradicting deed, which is fraudulence.

Yours in truth, Barry Newton