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From:  marswalker108
Date:  Thu Oct 3, 2002  8:02 pm
Subject:  HIV and AIDS in SSB's own backyard

(SHIT ! ...thought this
was the vibhuti trick...)

SHIT ! ...thought this was the vibhuti trick...

It is generally accepted that SSB has claimed that the major part of his mission was to begin on his 75th birthday, Nov 26, 2000. He has compared his life before that to the anology of an airplane taking off on a runway. The plane was to be airborne on his 75th birthday. Is it not true that SSB has also claimed that he would be the instrument for a noticeable change-- first in India--and then India would lead the world in transformation. In other words, hasn't SSB claimed he would first clean up his own backyard?My premise has been on these boards that an examination of the statistics and facts of India shows obvious contradictions. For example, consider John Donelly's recent article in the BOSTON GLOBE (10/1/2002) regarding the rapant spreading of HIV and AIDS in India. The article indicates HIV and AIDS are on the verge of exploding in this nation. Please consider the following extracts:"The acceleration of cases in India, China, Russia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia could contribute to well over 100 million HIV cases worldwide by 2010, said David F. Gordon, director of the CIA's Office of Transnational Issues.....The National Intelligence Council, which serves as a think tank for the Director of Intelligence, George Tenet, has consistently given some of the most accurate forecasts on AIDS dating back to 1988.......India was projected to have 20 million to 25 million cases by the end of the decade, by far outpacing any other nation.The new report said it would be difficult to avert an AIDS/HIV catastrophe in any of the five countries because of weak health infrastructure, lack of government leadership, and inadequate funding for treatment or prevention programs."Friends, should this not be considered another of the hundreds of contradictions or red flags surfaced with respect to SSB's promises? Isn't this another affront to the true majestic saints of India? Is it not pass time to use own intuitive discrimination concerning this matter? In my humble opinion, a good beginning would be to ask an impartial commission to investigate the sexual allegations and the 1993 killings at SSB's ashram.Best wishes, Dennis J Hanisch

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